CBN Founder Pat Robertson’s Daughter Lisa Dead at 69

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Lisa Robertson, wife of Tim Robertson and daughter-in-law of the late CBN founder Pat Robertson, passed away on Saturday, December 30th, at the age of 69.

Nelson, born March 9, 1954, in Colorado, attended Sweet Briar College, where she founded a religious conference. 

At the time, she would meet her husband, Tim, after she invited Pat Roberston to be the keynote speaker. As reported by CBN News, Lisa and Tim would be married for 46 years and had five children together: Laura, Elizabeth, Willis, Cally, and Abby. 

Abby, who works as a reporter for CBN News in Washington, spoke with her mom a few years ago about motherhood.

“I would describe motherhood as one of the great opportunities God gives women,” Lisa shared then. “It is a job; it is a ministry; it is so much fun; it is a way we partner with the Lord to see His work.” 

Lisa is also remembered by her 15 grandchildren, who knew her as “Honey.” While on CBN’s The 700 Club, she would host her popular segments on Advent. She also had a 16th grandchild on the way.

“One of the things I love about Advent is that I feel like it is God-given to us because it is a time where we can pause, we can reflect, we can really begin to think about what Christmas really is,” she described in one broadcast segment. 

Lisa also held a women’s Bible study for decades at Galilee Church, which helped her discover her passion for reminding women of God’s wisdom and direction for their lives. She later addressed her experience in her book, The Path of Life, and her 2019 appearance on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson. 

“I think there’s a verse in Chronicles, ‘I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on You.’ And I translate that to ‘Help,'” she explained. 

“I think you can ask Him for [it]. I would ask Him for wisdom as I raise my children, and then I would continue to seek Him by reading the Bible and getting that kind of fortification by promises of His Word to raise my family and then continue to knock.”

Photo Courtesy: CBN News/1/3/23@9:35am

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