Cesar Carbello Was Brought Back To Life By Jesus During An AMAZING Experience

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Check out this powerful testimony of Christ’s redemption and the transformation He did in Cesar Carballo, once a gang member and drug dealer. “My mother is my everything. But at the time she needed a hug. I wanted to hug, but I couldn’t hug her.”

Cesar Carbello found Christ at the moment he had to die after he was shot. “I was literally brought back to life.”

“It was like you are asleep and somebody’s grabs you in your sleep and you’re getting shaken awake. And it was like that.”

“When that hand grabbed me I felt the presence, the majesty, the fire, the life, the glory of Jesus Christ Himself.”

“And when I woke up the doctor was already writing a time of death on my paperwork. And I was looking around for this arm that just grabbed me. And it was nowhere to be seen. Nowhere there.”

“The ER-trauma doctor who was working there for 30 years said he had never seen something like that. There was no medical explanation for what just happened. He then was leaning in and whispered: ‘That was God’.”

Written by Wayne

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