China: Raids on House Churches Continue in Crackdown on Christianity

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Two house churches have been raided and members detained by government officials in China.

Christian persecution ministry China Aid reports that more than 10 police officers interrupted Christians who were praying at Olive Church. The authorities accused church members of worshipping in a church building which was not legally registered with the government.

Olive Church had been targeted by government authorities in the past as well. In July 2016, officials confiscated various items from the church and took 30 church members into custody.

Another church was also recently targeted by government authorities. Huaqiangbei Bible Guizheng Church in Shenzhen, Guangdong was raided by officials who confiscated various items. Members have resorted to meeting secretly in small groups for their safety.

China’s government under President Xi Jingping continues to crackdown on Christianity.


Currently, the Chinese government is holding Pastor Yang Hua of Living Stone house church in custody. Yang is being held in prison while his health deteriorates. He is reportedly in danger of losing his legs due to a painful inflammation and infection for which prison officials are not allowing treatment.

In the past few years, there have been numerous stories like Pastor Yang’s of Christian churches being destroyed, Christians being imprisoned and tortured, and Christianity being highly regulated by the government.

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