Christian church-goer senselessly killed after helping victim of Muslim wedding feud

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In a tragic incident in Sheffield on Wednesday, ‘Good Samaritan’ Chris Marriott lost his life while attempting to aid an unconscious woman involved in a violent clash between two Muslim families. The dispute arose during the wedding celebration ceremony of groom Hasan Khan and his 19-year-old bride, as her family expressed dissatisfaction with the union.

Witnesses reported impassioned cries of “your son is not good enough for our daughter,” escalating a tense situation into chaos. Amid the turmoil, Chris Marriott, a 46-year-old who was on a post-Christmas walk with his family, rushed to help an injured woman lying in the road.

Tragically, Marriott and a group of other people, including an off-duty midwife, were struck by a speeding car allegedly driven by one of the bride’s relatives. Mr Marriott lost his life in the impact. The midwife is in intensive care.

The family of Marriott released a poignant statement through South Yorkshire police, emphasising his caring nature: “The circumstances of his death, although tragic and unfathomable to us, show the sort of man he was – to go to help rather than to turn away.

“Chris was also a man of faith who wanted others to experience the joy he had found trusting in Jesus.”

City Church Sheffield, where Mr Marriott worshipped, expressed their deep sorrow, calling him a “valued and much-loved” member of the community. The church group ChristCentral also praised him for always “helping others” and extended condolences to his family, urging for prayers of comfort.

A spokesperson for these combined churches said: “He had stopped to help an unconscious woman lying in the street, and as he was providing first aid, a car collided with Chris, the woman, and others.

“Our thoughts and prayers are obviously with his wife and their two young sons. This is an unbelievably awful situation, and we are heartbroken for the family.

“Please pray for them, for Chris’ wider family and friends, and for City Church Sheffield as they try to process this loss.”

Connected to the national Christian charity Jubilee+, Marriott had served as an administrator for the annual conference. The charity expressed profound shock over his tragic death. He also provided support with Community Money Advice, playing a role in establishing and running the Jubilee food bank in Sheffield.

South Yorkshire police revealed that the woman Marriott aided was involved in a family altercation, and that several others had been injured by the speeding vehicle. The groom’s father, Riasat Khan, also suffered head injuries.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder, with a 23-year-old remaining in custody and a 55-year-old released on police bail.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this devastating loss, authorities have urged anyone with information to come forward.

Members of the Sheffield Christian community, together with the Muslim community, are united in grief and prayer.

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