Christian Convert from Islam Releases Book Making Case for Christianity

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Christian Convert from Islam Releases Book Making Case for Christianity

A Christian apologist who converted to Christianity from Islam recently released a new book in which he details the case for Christianity as well as the case against Islam.
The Christian Post reports that Nabeel Qureshi is the son of Pakistani immigrants. He grew up as a Muslim, but was challenged in his faith when a Christian roommate presented the Gospel to him and pointed out flaws in Islam.
“This friend, instead of just playing dead, like most Christians did, he actually tried to defend Christianity and show me the issues with Islam. It is real easy to do once you try, but no one else had,” Qureshi explained in an interview. “Because of that, I was ultimately opened to a lot of evidence I probably never would have considered.”
Qureshi now tours with Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. He has already written one book which he says explains how his heart changed toward Christianity. That book is titled Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.
His new book No God But One: Allah or Jesus? goes into more depth laying out the case for Christianity and also providing evidence against Islam.
“When it comes to Muhammad, there is this whole edifice built on the character of Muhammad — what he taught, what he was like, how he lived his life — and that is the foundation of Islam,” Qureshi said. “The way an average Muslim lives is all based on the hadiths, the traditions. Muhammad was supposedly born in Mecca and Islam supposedly sprung out of Medina in the seventh century. But the problem is … there is no reason to think that Muhammad is actually like what the hadiths say.”
Qureshi also addresses how many Muslim to Christian converts like himself are disowned by their families. He says that he is finally starting to rebuild a relationship with his own family.

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