Christian Family Refuse To Tip Lesbian Waitress Because She ‘Doesn’t Love Jesus’

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A Christian family did exactly the opposite of what Jesus commands of us this week when they refused to tip a lesbian waitress because of her ‘pride’ tattoo. Server Samanta Heaton was horrified when she read their receipt which noted a $0 tip and a message: “Can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus! Bad tattoo.”

“I went above and beyond for this couple, and for them to leave that kind of hurt,” Heaton told the Rock River Times. “Like, I have bills to pay too.” Heaton did not discuss her sexuality with the family, and feels as if the children are being taught how to discriminate from a young age.


“The kids are going to be under the impression that it will be okay to discriminate against anybody.” Samantha also clarified that she does, in fact, “love Jesus.” “I myself am a Christian. And, as a Christian, ’thou shall not judge.’ No matter how someone looks, you should love them for what’s in their heart and how they treat you—not for what is on the outside.” She called the note “plain rude and uncalled for.”

“I am sorry this happened,” wrote one woman on Heaton’s Facebook post detailing the incident.

“A true Christian would not do this.”

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  1. Why are we even going back and forth on this? Of course she, as any person should be shown the love of Christ. She is serving food. Would you do this to a non-Christian doctor or attorney? No. They did this because they are hateful and wanted to pick on someone. I am disgusted. These people bash her but probably don’t bash racists, which are much worse.

  2. Yes, the word clearly states that Homosexuality is an abomination, which means it’s worse than sin. However, if we expect people who live this lifestyle to come to Christ, we must show love. We don’t know who God is drawing into the kingdom, so we must be a loving witness and show respect to everyone. The problem is that a lot of so-called Christians forget that they were once sinners and that they needed God’s grace and mercy at one time, truth-be-told still do. This waitress said that she is a Christian, how do we know that her deliverance from this lifestyle was not at hand and yet delayed all because of what this couple did. They forgot that one day they are going to have to stand before God in judgement and give an account on day.

  3. Jesus came for all. The “love” of God has no boundaries. And, one of the fruit of the Spirit is love. That person lost the opportunity to be a witness by giving a good tip. For our Father give us more than we can do for Him. Should we not do the same for others? As a son of God, I tried to mirror what my Father and Jesus would do for her. For, did He not give His only Son for her too?

  4. It is people like this that at times I am ashamed to call myself a Christian!!! I led my daughter to the Lord and have seen the Holy Spirit all over her. Some years later she came out and as a Christian parent of a Lesbian it has been pure hell because of Christians! I can’t write anything on FB without being blasted because I love my daughter and it horrifies me to see how they are treated by some Christians, absolutely disgusting at times! I have to say these so called Christians don’t know the same Jesus I know! And these Christians are the very reason that you don’t see gays coming to Lord! Why would you want to be a Christian when you have such stellar examples as these?

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