Christian Holiness in the Greek New Testament | Koine Greek Bible Study | Jesse Morrell

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Written by Wayne

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  1. God Bless Brother Jess! do you mind if i call you SAINT Jessie? hehe. They Holy spirit is your Co-Pilot! I'll be traveling with you in Spirit brother. I Called you a year ago, not sure if you'd remember, But I've been serving the Lord ever since. Building a Ministry to help connect and fellowship others to Propagate his Word.

    Keeping You and your whole Family in my Prayers, I am one of your unofficial Prayer Partners. And i DO hope the lord leads you to post Videos daily, even if it's just to touch bases and update. The word never returns void! even the fresh word the holy spirit places in us. I Really do Love these Casual videos like this, it's a bit more intimate. Almost like a Video Journal.

    P.S. You are in fact correct about Sin being Unnatural, it goes AGAINST Gods Nature! "Natural Sin" is the Anti-Christ. It's Obviously a Perversion Created by Satan's Freewill. We don't have to Sin to Survive, so that makes it a CHOICE! Great Job deciphering, Avoiding that Common Logical Fallacy type. God Bless you!!!! and your Innocent Pureness through the Lord Combined with Maturity and Wisdom. May the lord bless your path, Laying a Solid stone foundation before you. and may the angels Shield. xx
    We are Humble and Courageous in Him and only Him. All Glory to God, We Love you Jesus!

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