Christian Locked Up In Iran Sees Vision of Jesus!!

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Daniel Baumann was on a visit to Iran, and on his way out, he was stopped at the border, imprisoned for weeks, beaten, and destined for execution. He reached the bottom and even considered suicide, and he had a vision of Jesus appearing to him in his prison cell!! See what happened!
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Booklet on the TRUTH about Islam:

If you want to see the direct quotes from the Quran that tell Islam believers to terrorize unbelievers, see this link below!

If you would like to read my detailed Born Again Information, here is the link to the introductory message. It is a .pdf file, so you will need to have the FREE Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Get the free Adobe Reader here and install it on your computer:

The Born Again Information is here:

Here is another link that will help you better understand how things fit together spiritually:

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  1. when I read the bible for the 1st time I was swept off my feet and fell in love with Jesus and search for videos of testimonies of his love and I get swept off my feet again hallelujah Jesus!!!!!!!????????????????????

  2. Praise my GOD JESUS! The blessed Son of GOD! What an awesome testimony. No one knows how we will react in a horrible situation. I can say, I have in many situations of my life, my Father GOD has brought me through every time through His Righteous Son JESUS CHRIST!!!

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