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  1. Aug.15, 2018
    Linda M.

    Hi Pastor Wayne,
    I just wanted to thank you for the word you gave me, it was so accurate. It’s covering everything that is currently going in my life right know. I was so excited when I heard the word, it was a pure blessing to me. May the Lord richly bless you for all that you do .

  2. I am extremely late in writing this.

    I wanted to write about this specific prophetic experience I had from 11/27/2016. That is when I received a prophetic e-mail from Pastor Wayne.

    It was an encouraging message and it seemed like he was finishing up and then he shifted gears and spoke about “a little caveat” that He felt the Lord was sharing with him.

    He mentioned that he saw things that were going to happen in March:

    (remember this is in November )

    “a shift would happen”

    “things outside of my control”

    “it would be for the good”

    “and a Shalom that wouldn’t be there without this word”

    “and you will say Ahhhh ! This is what the Prophet Wayne was speaking about”

    and a couple other things I want to keep private.

    I remember thinking “he put a date out there” and honestly I felt nervous for him because I was going to hold him to the date.

    And sure enough a huge stress I was going through started to explode in the beginning of March. It was work related and this situation was a good seven years in the making with no real end in sight.

    And without getting into to much detail “the situation” was finalized and the stress was now over.

    Because this experienced changed people directions / lives it was very stressful but knowing I had a word stating that this would be for the good I had something to hold onto and a hope to reach for during this time.

    I also felt like I had God’s backing for what was going on and how He saw the situation. It was a huge relief for me.

    I always look forward to the prophetic e-mails and firmly believe God speaks through him. I think Wayne isn’t focused on Wayne or his name. But He focuses on what God is saying and puts God first.

    So I want you to know I appreciate you doing what you are doing.

    Father I pray that he would hear from You in a greater way and that he would continue to decrease so You can increase in him and bear the fruit that you want him to produce.

    In Jesus’ mighty Name!

  3. As always Pastor Wayne, your word this month was not only right on, encouraging but it was energetic! You knew many things I have been struggling with. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and taking the time to pray for me and seek God’s words for me!

  4. It is appearing to be good despite not heard everything due to problem of hearing meanwhile to hearing I can suggest to be good as well. Audio seemed to be difficult to me to process into my inner ear though visual added an advantage to me.

    Love Wayne’s Videos!

  5. My word was simple in a way…The main part of the word was Wayne just giving me James 1:6-8 about not being double minded, but this was exactly what I needed. I happen to have a giant dream I’m believing for which seems impossible. As a matter of fact circumstances surrounding this dream have drastically changed so much that I thought “Maybe I was wrong…Maybe I am wrong & this is not the Lord, etc.” I don’t want to believe for something if it’s not the Lord of course. I had definitely become very double minded, filled with doubt. But the scripture was given to me as a strategy, because if the enemy can get us to doubt, then he can dislodge our dreams. Therefore, I know that if the Lord gave me this scripture, a “strategy”, then He must have a plan. And the fact that the word was to not be double-minded gives an underlying message of hope…to keep believing.

  6. Hey Brother Wayne, your word was spot on concerning healing as I had a stent inserted in one artery just over a week ago. I was in peace when I was told what was needed and was discharged the following day with no complications. I truly appreciate your gift in the prophetic calling and look forward to seeing you in this new year. Blessings from Virginia Beach!

  7. Thank you so much Pastor Wayne for the Prophetic Word. It so encouraged me to continue on with the vision. Added confirmation came for me when the Lord told me to ‘write the word out do that I would have it to read as well; not always being in a place where I can play the audio. It gave me hope because my husband went home to the Lord 3 years ago and I missed him so…so this hope and vision I have carried of going back to our roots from 38 years ago was no small matter. Your message to not allow anyone to deter me from this, was hope and confirmation of exactly part of what I have been experiencing. God will have His way in all of our lives as we continue to trust and keep the vision for it isbyet for an appointed time and will not fail.
    God bless you!

  8. I was so blessed by my recent prophetic word. I had asked for a confirmation and I got it. I need to trust God to show me what’s next. So many changes happening and I want above all to please the Lord by fulfilling my destiny….what purpose was I created for specifically in the way of this entrepreneurial gift. The prophetic words thru Wayne encouraged me that my dream is still possible. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Wayne.

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