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God Inspired Life Coach

I highly recommend Wayne Sutton as a life coach… He is…
God inspired… Inspirational… Motivating… Knowledgeable… And he Imparts so much wisdom and hope… So worth it… Life changing… After talking with Wayne I felt a sense of hope once again… He talks from a place of knowing and thinking that is fresh and new. Imparting God inspired wisdom and hope. If you find yourself in a place of feeling stuck or discouraged he can encourage you and help to get you motivated once again just as he has helped me.  Definitely well worth it to talk with him. Because he can be the difference between giving up or going forward. And he can also be the difference between success or failure as he has been for me.

Linda Stevenson

In a Word… Awesome

Pastor Wayne is in a word, Awesome. If you fear judgement or if you have a fear of opening up your heart to someone, one of my fears, just know that Pastor Wayne and the folks in this ministry are fantastic.

Kimberly Cooke

Just Got Off Phone With Wayne

I literally just got off the phone with Prophet Wayne, and All I can say is wow!! He hit everything on the nose. The holyspirit is working through prophet Wayne and I thank God for this conversation. Everything that I felt in my spirit was confirmed.


Blessed Word FiIled With Life!

This was a very blessed word filled with life to me. Last night before hearing a word I had a dream I was in a counselors office and this person was helping me on my career path and said I would have mentors to help me bring forth all that was in me. This counselor was writing things down on paper. Then Pastor Wayne prophesied about being creativity and having lots of ideas that is very true. The word was exact. Pastor Wayne said something about music. Yes this is so true I am a songwriter and have published my first song and am learning guitar. Others have prophesied I am a worshipper and that’s what Pastor Wayne said. Wow I was blown away by this word. Yes there are so many creativity things in me. The word came through with such excitement I started jumping up and down and joy filled me and begin laughing. I am so happy and very excited. I am so excited for what is coming forth through the word of the Lord to me through Pastor Wayne. God even gave me a dream the night before that this is a big connection for me. Wow how awesome is God to connect me like this!

Sarah Roy

Spirit of Confirmation

As I was listening to Pastor Waynes message, the spirit of confirmation was there! He was completely accurate and my spirit agreed with everything he said. Even things i didnt know yet myself was revealed. And as i was meditating on it later on that night the spirit made everything clear. Every word he gets is definitely from heaven as i testified. I encourage you all to see what God wants to speak to you through this vessel! God Bless

BJ Parnell

What a Word

Wow……..What a word Brother wayne….
You are on target……..Not only with this word but all the prophetic words you have spoken in my life………..

I am a man of a few words………

May God continue to give you utterance….

Paul Clow

Speak Forth What I See…

Thank you, brother. The prophetic counsel immediately spoke into my spirit. I could feel the witness of Christ in you as you prophesied. I am so thankful you said “I do not prophesy to tickle the ear, but speak forth what I see.” Thank you for your prayers, thank you for this true word. God bless you and all you touch in Jesus name.

Tim Davis


Thank you Pastor Wayne for the word I received from you today. I was so blessed with it and it definately confirmed what I’ve been hearing the Lord say to me all along. If the Lord says I could do it than I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me! Amen.

May God bless you and your ministry

Audrey Leaf

Prophetic Counseling Session

I encourage anyone seeking the Lord’s heart to schedule a prophetic counseling session with Pastor Wayne. It will encourage you and lift you up. Pastor Wayne truly seeks the Lord and you will feel the anointing as you are prayed for and spoken over and into. I took several notes during our session and I will most certainly be scheduling follow up. God bless you and all you touch in Jesus name…amen

Tim Davis

Waves of Peace

“The Lord had truly blessed Second Adam ministries and Brother Wayne Sutton. He has used Brother Wayne as a messenger to help to counsel and pray with me through the hardships that I have faced. The Father has revealed through prayer and one on one counseling the Truth and I am experiencing “Waves of Peace.”


100% Accurate

Wayne Sutton is a true blessing and a prophet. Wayne really hears from God as the personal prophetic word I received from him was 100% accurate. God even gave Wayne revelation of what I do for a living without me saying anything to Wayne! I was really encouraged that God really hears me because Wayne revealed in my personal prophecy what my heart’s desires have been before the Lord. Wayne is truly a prophetic minister of the Lord. Be encouraged Wayne and continue to seek the Lord on my behalf. God bless you! 🙂


Wisdom & Sound Council

Wayne Sutton has the wisdom and sound council to bring clarity to situations about a persons life. I would trust his words and advice from the Lord for me and my family anytime.

Dr Jeremy Lopez


  1. Pastor Wayne has given incredibly helpful words that are our Father’s words. I have personally experienced this
    the times I have felt confused and lost – reaching out and asking for direction from God. The words certainly depict what is happening and I feel Wayne has personally known me. Pastor Wayne doesn’t know me however he does know God whom knows me and shares with Wayne what He wishes me to also know.
    Thank you to God and Wayne who work together for the well-being of God’s children.

  2. Prophet Sutton is truely hearing the Voice of God, and he shows God’s love in his words. I really don’t know what to say except i feel the annointing of God within this man’s voice. Bless you brother!

  3. Wayne and I were praying for my daughter. He gave me a word that I hung on to dearly. Some time after college she had become bound in a lesbian lifestyle. Being raised in a Christian home, her dad and I were heartbroken. About a year ago, she called late at night and asked if she could come home. OF course we did not turn her down. She stayed with us a couple months, got an apartment near her work. Then her high school boyfriend came home after 9 years in the military. They soon got together.

    Now she is engaged with a baby on the way (I know that is backwards but after what she had been in, I can live with it. I know it will all work out). They are moving close to us in 2 months and I’m thrilled I’ll be close to my daughter again and my NEW upcoming grandson. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. Amazing. I am truly amazed by the heart and the prophetic insight from this ministry!
    Thank you so much for your commitment to the Kingdom!