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  1. Pastor Wayne has given incredibly helpful words that are our Father’s words. I have personally experienced this
    the times I have felt confused and lost – reaching out and asking for direction from God. The words certainly depict what is happening and I feel Wayne has personally known me. Pastor Wayne doesn’t know me however he does know God whom knows me and shares with Wayne what He wishes me to also know.
    Thank you to God and Wayne who work together for the well-being of God’s children.

  2. Prophet Sutton is truely hearing the Voice of God, and he shows God’s love in his words. I really don’t know what to say except i feel the annointing of God within this man’s voice. Bless you brother!

  3. Wayne and I were praying for my daughter. He gave me a word that I hung on to dearly. Some time after college she had become bound in a lesbian lifestyle. Being raised in a Christian home, her dad and I were heartbroken. About a year ago, she called late at night and asked if she could come home. OF course we did not turn her down. She stayed with us a couple months, got an apartment near her work. Then her high school boyfriend came home after 9 years in the military. They soon got together.

    Now she is engaged with a baby on the way (I know that is backwards but after what she had been in, I can live with it. I know it will all work out). They are moving close to us in 2 months and I’m thrilled I’ll be close to my daughter again and my NEW upcoming grandson. GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. Amazing. I am truly amazed by the heart and the prophetic insight from this ministry!
    Thank you so much for your commitment to the Kingdom!