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  1. I am grateful for the prophetic word Pastor Wayne spoke over my life! It brought such joy & hope to my soul in that it confirmed the very things that God had been speaking and showing me. And every time I listen to it, God reveals more and more to me about his will for my life. God bless you, Pastor Wayne! I pray abundant blessings on you, your family and your ministry…forever, Amen!

  2. Thank you, Pastor Wayne for your prophetic word. I was really blessed by the things you saw and spoke over me. The prophecy was amazingly accurate and beautifully confirmed that the Lord truly sees me. It was totally beyond my wildest expectations and I was deeply touched. Thank you so very much!

  3. Your prophetic word was right on point and very encouraging. You talked about many things on the call of God on my life, which ate confirmation.

    You talked about me praying against arthritis bothering me and also praying for someone else and that someone else is my mother. You also talked about the burden for the salvation of someone apart from even my family member, that too was right on point. I could go on and on. I understand how the prophetic works and do minister to a lot of people too but I am doubly blessed when I receive sound prophetic word for my life too. May The Lord continue to bless and increase you in Jesus name

  4. Praise the LORD, I would like to testify the miracles that our GOD is doing into my life. I have not heard the voice of GOD like now since connected to prophetic ministry. Now I believe GOD is truth, faithful to his promises, honest, timely and accuracy in overseeing our life. Now I know truly GOD speaks through HIS servant Prophet Pastor Wayne Sutton. This is my true story, it was prophesied by Prophet Pastor Wayne that I will move in miracles and receive the prophetic rewards, on my surprise I was called for interview with right company, surely I believe that I will receive the job according to the WORD because once GOD speaks, the WORD should be established. Praise the LORD! Also, the word said to me that I will drink from deep level of divine river, I would like to thank my LORD the everlasting FATHER for awarding me the prophetic blessings, and connecting me with a Prophet Pastor who speaks the mind of GOD accurately, I testify that today 20th July, 2013 I have signed a contract, I am in surprised with this divine REWARD, thank you GOD for connecting me with a true prophet of GOD. Almighty GOD bless Second Adam Ministry, LORD bless Prophet Pastor Wayne, LORD your WORD be blessed forever and forever in Jesus name.

  5. The personal prophetic message emailed to me was powerful.
    The word/message is 100% right to the point about what is happening currently in my spiritual life.
    I am out of words and really appreciate and accept the message in good faith.

    You are really a Powerful and anointed man of God who God is using to bless his children.

    The message has blown my mind and have empower me to register as a partner from this month and a monthly donation of $25.

    May God continue to bless your ministry for the good work you are doing in God’s Kingdom.

    You are Blessed

  6. Blessings pastor Wayne!
    The prophetic word you gave me was received with great joy and excitement about what The Lord is doing and has done in my life!
    I listen to it at lease 2 times a day that the Holy Spirit would keep unpacking revelation into my heart!
    I bless you and HONOR you brother and prophetic minister of the Most High God for the glory of Jesus Christ and the furtherance of His kingdom!!

  7. All I can say is thank you. God is good. Tears of joy. I’m speechless and blessed. God bless you

  8. I am so very thankful for your ministry, The Lord is so good indeed, the messages that I have received are indeed interesting, and impacting they are so personalized.
    Thank you for your prayers the Lord open a door for me to start paying my debts and I am so sure that you and your prayer team were praying for me. I declare blessings over your life, your family, ministry, and everything you do and will do. May the Lord continue using you and blessing you even more exceedingly. To all those who prayed for me may the Lord reward your faithfulness and continue using you mightily at all time. I also pray that He will do according to the desires of your heart
    Blessings and thank you again.

  9. Pastor Wayne You A Blessing in The Light, You’re Words have Connected true to My Heart,I would like Pray for Everyone in need of Praying, I Pray for Peace, Joy, Love & Light in The World, We Are Blessed….

  10. I am thankful every day to no that i am not along.Since I bend apart of this great teaching on the prophetic ministry the word has kept me hold.I pray for continue counseling to help be in my strugles inlife.God is good and i love Him everyday.Thank you for this time in Jesus name amen.

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