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  1. A moment in time. A moment in your life. Every moment, every thought, every decision brings you to each new moment of your life. A moment is not just a moment by itself. It is an accumulation of all that has happened in your life. But there are definitely some moments that are more important than others. And there are also some defining moments in your life that can totally change the course and direction of your life. For me I can say that I have made many wrong decisions and I have had many moments in my life that have caused my life to go down the wrong path. But I can also say that I have had moments in my life that have made my life better. As I am sure all can say this about their life.

    I guess one of the lessons that I have learned through out my life that is so very true and very Biblical is that how a man thinks in his heart is how he is and how his life is being shaped. “As a man thinks, so is he.” For years my thinking kept me depressed, unhappy and going down the wrong path. I saw things through my own problems and darkness and made decisions based on my cloudy picture. But then there was that one defining moment that totally changed my thinking and my life forever. I guess I could define that moment in a Biblical way as a Suddenly moment even though it truly has been a gradual process. The suddenly moment was my first contact that I had with Pastor Wayne Sutton. It was definitely a God moment. He was so encouraging and spoke God’s light and love into my life. I knew at that moment that I had to learn more from him and find out for myself of what I could do to have and feel God’s love and light more in my life. As I have talked with Pastor Wayne over the last couple of years and he has counseled me through many situations, I can definitely say that the most important thing that has changed in my life is my relationship with the Lord. As Pastor Wayne has encouraged me and as my relationship with the Lord has grown, my whole outlook on life has changed. I have gone from wanting to just give up on life and die to wanting to live and grow in the Lord and wanting to actually participate in life and help others. Life truly is about each moment building upon each moment. And I would never change that one moment that I decided to make an appointment to talk with Pastor Wayne. He has most definitely changed my life forever.

    I highly recommend this Anointed Man of God, Wayne Sutton and his ministry, The Second Adam!! – – He truly hears from the Holy Spirit as he ministers to you in spirit and in truth — be it through a prophetic word, counseling, encouragement, direction or even ministering at your church. He seeks the Lord on your behalf and speaks Powerfully through the leading of the Holy Spirit into your life. Check out his ministry. Check him out. An encounter with Wayne will bring you to a life changing encounter with God!! …. All it takes is one moment and one phone call for your life to be changed forever as God works through him to speak into your life. ……

  2. Pastor Wayne is one a select few prophetic voices I allow to speak into my life. The word is always from the Lord’s heart and I’m truly blessed every time. Wayne is very humble and always speaks as a brother in Christ. You are a true blessing to the prophetic ministry Pastor Wayne, and I’m honored to know you. God bless you and all you touch in Jesus name..amen

  3. Grace and Peace.
    About thirty years ago I had received prophecies concerning music ministry that would include classical piano, and also other prophecies.
    Because of the electronic age that the church has embraced most churches in the Pentecostal movement do not even have pianos, they only have electric keyboards. So I have wondered how I would be able to accomplish that part of the prophecy and have been settling for playing the keyboard. Prophet Wayne said that he saw me playing the piano, and he mententioned specifically that it was not a keyboard but a piano.
    So I was greatly blessed to know that I have not missed God, and that brother Wayne is a true prophet.
    Recently Prophet Jeremy Lopez had prophesied that the Lord was going to connect me with other prophets to teach me and pull out the ministry of the prophet, and I believe that brother Wayne is one that God has sent my way.
    Thank you brother Wayne for yor encouragement.
    Minister Doreen F. Poole

  4. Thank you Ps Wayne for all your prayers. Every time I receive your word from the Lord I am encouraged to see that it fits my situation at the right time, and moreover I get more from the Lord from which it draws me to desire it to activate from His heart and my heart together as one. Thank you again. Rich blessings to you, Ps Wayne and your team.

  5. May the Lord be the center of everyone’s hearts desires. As he is for Myself. I have also been, like many others blessed with prophetic council from Pastor Wayne Sutton and his Pillars of Dedicated Prayer Warriors. I thank God for you and your team, I Thank you for the time you put into your Ministry and ask that Our Father increase your Territory, Love and support that you all have for everyday People. If it wasn’t for you to answer your calling then Gods true Gospel may take longer to reach the four corners of this Falling Generation.

    The Prophecy spoken into My Heart was very encouraging for me I try to listen to it as often as I can, Things that were mentioned have been spoken over me by other members of the Body of Christ. I believe what Pastor Wayne Sutton, spoke too be off God. And anything that comes form the Father are Holy and True as he is Faithful Holy and True. I am yet to experience the Baskets of Fruit that await me, and the encounter of (WOW watch this space) I will be back to share about this. I am so excited and Glad to be chosen and anointed, Thank you all for the boost I needed.

    God Bless you all.
    Jodene Te Moananui

  6. I recieved a prophetic word from Pastor Wayne three months ago, and the word he gave to me not only confirmed the words of other prophets and what was in my heart, but he also shed new lights on areas where i will succeed in and who i am as a person. I recommend Pastor Sutton to anybody looking for a prophetic word. I believe wholeheartedly that he is a true prophet of God.

  7. Thank you Wayne for the word the Lord gave you for me…it was spot on to my current situation and also was amazingly accurate in the timings you gave around certain months. It was such a blessing and I would recommend your ministry to anyone needing to hear from the Lord. God bless you.

  8. Pastor Wayne is a very anointed and gifted man of God.not only did his words agree with my heart it also encouraged me for that which is to come.thanks so much pastor and I will be recommended your prophetic guidance to hose who are looking to hear from The Lord .

  9. Not only does Wayne come with an accurate word from God but when it’s released the manifest glory of God will so penetrate your heart that you will know exactly where the source of His ministry comes from, no other than Jesus Christ!

  10. My name is Willie Mobley and i live in Richmond, Va. I just heard the prophetic word given to me by Pastor Wayne and i have to say i was truly encouraged, comforted, and edified. The word was right in line and right on time. It was more than confirmation, it was also enlightening. Thank you Pastor Wayne and you will be hearing from me again. I just want to do the work that Father GOD has called me to do, have an empact on all that i come in contact with, and to be a blessing in what ever way GOD empowers me to be. Thank you so much all.

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