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  1. When I first contacted Pastor Wayne Sutton, I was searching for something. And I didn’t quite know what it was …… help, encouragement, answers for my life…. I guess all of that. …. I was at a major crossroads in my life. I was struggling with so many issues — financial, emotional, health and family. And I needed to make some major decisions about how to take care of or handle so many of these issues. ….. And some of these issues were and are life threatening if I don’t change something. …… …..

    With an uncertainty as to what I was getting myself in to, I made my first appointment just to check it out. …. I really had no idea what Prophetic Counseling was all about. …. Was it like fortune telling? Was it like all the other counselors I had talked with in the past where I talked about all my problems but never seemed to solve anything and sometimes even made things worse? Was it legitimate? ….. With all these questions, scared and unsure and having no answers or really even knowing why I was making this appointment, I made the appointment anyway….. I mean, what did I have to lose? It was just one appointment.

    Well, now many months later, I have to say that that one appointment was the best decision of my life. And it was definitely a God Appointment!!!! …. … I have continued on in counseling with Pastor Wayne Sutton. Through his encouraging, accurate, right on time words and his prophetic insights as the Holy Spirit speaks through him, I have been able to make progress in many areas of my life. And I have been able to learn how to grow closer to the Lord. And to me, my new found relationship with the Lord has by far made this whole experience so worthwhile!!!

    I have to say that my time with Pastor Wayne has been such a learning and growing experience. And I look forward to learning and growing more in my Christian walk and in my life in general as I continue to learn through Pastor Wayne’s Ministry. …. He always has an encouraging word and words of wisdom to speak into my life. …. I always walk away from our conversations feeling encouraged, feeling like I’ve accomplished something and feeling peaceful in God’s presence. Thank You Pastor Wayne for all of your prayers, support and your ministry!!!

    I pray that if someone is reading this and is just unsure as to where to turn or what to do in their life, that you will consider Pastor Wayne Sutton’s ministry. The Lord has truly Blessed him and uses him to Bless so many people in so many ways. It will be a life changing experience. I know it has been life changing for me!!!! May God Bless You!!!! Thank You!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your message. It was not what I expected but it did somehow bring a sense of peace. You are so right about the spirit of discernment has been given to me. Above all else, there is definately a soul that needs to be won for Christ in this situation. I am committed to completing my assignment. Thank you.

  3. Hello Wayne, Thank You and Bless You for your time and your gifting. I received my word today. You were right on many things the white coat is the home health care I work for . I do the house keeping for the clients. I ordered the book you said to read and study. I so needed some direction . I know the ones in my life I need to just release them to the LORD . I will do my assignments you gave me I Thank You with great honor. give honor where honor is do Sister Alanda You will here from me again BLESSINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just want to thank those who are diligently seeking Him on our behalf. Having a full-time ministry devoted to advancing the kingdom in the lives of others is awesome. I work full-time secular job in corrections and probation, have a family and parat-time mentoring ministry. The accuracy and exegetical skills combined with the prophetic gifting and calling are sound, facinating and Godly!!! I am using this ministry on a bimonthly basis to keep myself encouraged and on track with what He wants. Greatest investment this year is in!!!!!

  5. praise The Lord,prophet sutton your prophetic words you sent me were truly ultra on point,i listen to the mp3 prophesy most everyday and iam looking for more prophetic concil from your ministry ,and looking for the first manisfestation of the prophesies to come to pass,minutes from now,please continue to send up prayers on my behalf…God bless you and keep you…prophet tony

  6. I thanksyou my pastor Moraka about everything u did tO me, nd u teach me how to manage my finacial nd my life. I’m proud to say you are my Pastor nd also you are encourage me.. Thank you for your support

    EL BETHEL people let’s support our pastor, lesting him

  7. HalleluJah !! Throughout the last few years as a reader of
    this God Inspired, Love filled, and Propheticly accurate
    link to the Divine. I am sincerely stating with earnest
    that the prayers are answered, the Word is Accurate, and
    the Love is felt throughout this *Christ Jesus* centered
    ministry !!!

  8. Thank you so much Pastor Wayne for the encouraging and conforting words of the Lord. Also things that you spoke were very confirming of what I was sensing that the Lord might be saying to me. Thank you and may the Lord Bless you back abundantly.

  9. Thank you so much for the prophetic word. Some things are going on right now that is very challenging and I just needed a word of encouragement that will speak into the situation and that is exactly what was spoken.

    Also the fact that I do have a message to share and also an evangelistic anointing. It was also said that I minister to people with problems and the word will meet them at the point of their need. These are things I do in ministry now, it is good to know I am in His will for me. Once again thank you so much. I am encouraged

  10. I didn’t know what to expect from Paster Wayne. I have been going through some very difficult times and didn’t know where to turn. I have fully submitted myself to christ and I have stayed in prayer. Paster Wayne was right on point with everything. I wish I could have spoke directly to him for more specific concerns that I have, but for now I am happy with his prophetic words that he has spoken to me. He was sincere, and you can tell that he is annointed. He is an Angel that God sent to us!

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