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God Inspired Life Coach

I highly recommend Wayne Sutton as a life coach… He is…
God inspired… Inspirational… Motivating… Knowledgeable… And he Imparts so much wisdom and hope… So worth it… Life changing… After talking with Wayne I felt a sense of hope once again… He talks from a place of knowing and thinking that is fresh and new. Imparting God inspired wisdom and hope. If you find yourself in a place of feeling stuck or discouraged he can encourage you and help to get you motivated once again just as he has helped me.  Definitely well worth it to talk with him. Because he can be the difference between giving up or going forward. And he can also be the difference between success or failure as he has been for me.

Linda Stevenson

In a Word… Awesome

Pastor Wayne is in a word, Awesome. If you fear judgement or if you have a fear of opening up your heart to someone, one of my fears, just know that Pastor Wayne and the folks in this ministry are fantastic.

Kimberly Cooke

Just Got Off Phone With Wayne

I literally just got off the phone with Prophet Wayne, and All I can say is wow!! He hit everything on the nose. The holyspirit is working through prophet Wayne and I thank God for this conversation. Everything that I felt in my spirit was confirmed.


Blessed Word FiIled With Life!

This was a very blessed word filled with life to me. Last night before hearing a word I had a dream I was in a counselors office and this person was helping me on my career path and said I would have mentors to help me bring forth all that was in me. This counselor was writing things down on paper. Then Pastor Wayne prophesied about being creativity and having lots of ideas that is very true. The word was exact. Pastor Wayne said something about music. Yes this is so true I am a songwriter and have published my first song and am learning guitar. Others have prophesied I am a worshipper and that’s what Pastor Wayne said. Wow I was blown away by this word. Yes there are so many creativity things in me. The word came through with such excitement I started jumping up and down and joy filled me and begin laughing. I am so happy and very excited. I am so excited for what is coming forth through the word of the Lord to me through Pastor Wayne. God even gave me a dream the night before that this is a big connection for me. Wow how awesome is God to connect me like this!

Sarah Roy

Spirit of Confirmation

As I was listening to Pastor Waynes message, the spirit of confirmation was there! He was completely accurate and my spirit agreed with everything he said. Even things i didnt know yet myself was revealed. And as i was meditating on it later on that night the spirit made everything clear. Every word he gets is definitely from heaven as i testified. I encourage you all to see what God wants to speak to you through this vessel! God Bless

BJ Parnell

What a Word

Wow……..What a word Brother wayne….
You are on target……..Not only with this word but all the prophetic words you have spoken in my life………..

I am a man of a few words………

May God continue to give you utterance….

Paul Clow

Speak Forth What I See…

Thank you, brother. The prophetic counsel immediately spoke into my spirit. I could feel the witness of Christ in you as you prophesied. I am so thankful you said “I do not prophesy to tickle the ear, but speak forth what I see.” Thank you for your prayers, thank you for this true word. God bless you and all you touch in Jesus name.

Tim Davis


Thank you Pastor Wayne for the word I received from you today. I was so blessed with it and it definately confirmed what I’ve been hearing the Lord say to me all along. If the Lord says I could do it than I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me! Amen.

May God bless you and your ministry

Audrey Leaf

Prophetic Counseling Session

I encourage anyone seeking the Lord’s heart to schedule a prophetic counseling session with Pastor Wayne. It will encourage you and lift you up. Pastor Wayne truly seeks the Lord and you will feel the anointing as you are prayed for and spoken over and into. I took several notes during our session and I will most certainly be scheduling follow up. God bless you and all you touch in Jesus name…amen

Tim Davis

Waves of Peace

“The Lord had truly blessed Second Adam ministries and Brother Wayne Sutton. He has used Brother Wayne as a messenger to help to counsel and pray with me through the hardships that I have faced. The Father has revealed through prayer and one on one counseling the Truth and I am experiencing “Waves of Peace.”


100% Accurate

Wayne Sutton is a true blessing and a prophet. Wayne really hears from God as the personal prophetic word I received from him was 100% accurate. God even gave Wayne revelation of what I do for a living without me saying anything to Wayne! I was really encouraged that God really hears me because Wayne revealed in my personal prophecy what my heart’s desires have been before the Lord. Wayne is truly a prophetic minister of the Lord. Be encouraged Wayne and continue to seek the Lord on my behalf. God bless you! 🙂


Wisdom & Sound Council

Wayne Sutton has the wisdom and sound council to bring clarity to situations about a persons life. I would trust his words and advice from the Lord for me and my family anytime.

Dr Jeremy Lopez


  1. Thank you so much Pastor Wayne for the Prophetic Word. It so encouraged me to continue on with the vision. Added confirmation came for me when the Lord told me to ‘write the word out do that I would have it to read as well; not always being in a place where I can play the audio. It gave me hope because my husband went home to the Lord 3 years ago and I missed him so…so this hope and vision I have carried of going back to our roots from 38 years ago was no small matter. Your message to not allow anyone to deter me from this, was hope and confirmation of exactly part of what I have been experiencing. God will have His way in all of our lives as we continue to trust and keep the vision for it isbyet for an appointed time and will not fail.
    God bless you!

  2. I was so blessed by my recent prophetic word. I had asked for a confirmation and I got it. I need to trust God to show me what’s next. So many changes happening and I want above all to please the Lord by fulfilling my destiny….what purpose was I created for specifically in the way of this entrepreneurial gift. The prophetic words thru Wayne encouraged me that my dream is still possible. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Wayne.

  3. Hey Pastor Wayne,

    Have to say Thank You so very much for today’s coaching call… Such a confirmation of what God has already been speaking to me about. Especially my prayer time with Him…. Ha…And here I am thinking it’s just been me “thinking” all this stuff.


    Hope you are having a great and Blessed day!!

    Thank You for your prayers and support!! Always greatly appreciated!!

    Blessings to you, my friend!!

  4. Oh, I’m so blessed by Pastor Wayne’s prophetic words. I didn’t expect this but I am so edified and encouraged to expand and reach higher still. I’ve listened to it over and over. Soaking it up like a sponge….decreeing and declaring the promises of the Word. I feel Pastor Wayne is truly thankful for the seeds that we plant. Bless you, Pastor Wayne. Thank you so much!!!

  5. Hello Pastor Wayne your prophetic words are a confirmation of what God has been doing and showing me the last two months. He has just brought me out of the valley of darkness of which I’ve been in the last two years because of different reasons. He told me two months ago that he was about to release his holy spirit rain across the land of Australia as well as his glory. I’ve been to 3 different meetings in the last month. First it was was Bill Johnson & James Maloney and God showed a vision of clouds departing until a gap appeared in the distance and i saw Jesus standing in that gap. Then God took me closer to him and Jesus was standing there with his arms out stretched and glowing. Then he showed me Jesus standing next to a table and preparing Communion to share with us. Just last week i went to sounds of nation prophetic arts conference with Joshua Mills & Lana Vawser and Joshua was disecting Psalm 23 and as he did i was able to connect that Psalm and vision that God had given me. God also stated that he will be releasing spiritual keys because wants us to unlock new doors in the spiritual realm. So i know God is unlocking new doors for me now.

  6. Hey Pastor Wayne,

    Thank You for today!!!!!!! …… Thanks for giving me a new perspective and lots of things to think about…. I feel like something changed today after talking with you today…. I greatly appreciate you and all you do!!! You are the Best of the Best!!! There is no other like you that has affected my life as much as you have!!! And I greatly appreciate you for being you and for all you do!!! …. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!!
    Blessings to you, my friend!! ….

  7. I received a prophetic word on MP3 a while ago. It was an encouraging word based on the things I had shared I needed prayer for. It reminded me of the promises of God over my life and how the enemy is a lier. I was encouraged. I am still standing on these promises and others.

  8. Though we all go through things, I just have to say that having Pastor Wayne as my Life Coach/ Counselor has been a life saver for me. He has stuck with me through thick and thin. And he has believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. But I guess one of the most important things that he has done for me is that he has helped me to realize who I am in Christ and how valuable I am to God. And he has also helped me to realize my gifting and calling in Christ. And for this I am forever Grateful and Thankful. Pastor Wayne truly is a Life Coach/ Counselor who really cares about you and will always encourage you and believe in you because he operates in and through Christ’s Love for all. He Believes in you because of the Christ in you. And he Believes in you because he knows that Christ has more for you and he wants you to experience all that God has for you. Amen!!

    Thank You Pastor Wayne for all you do!! Thank You for all your prayers and support!! Thank You for sticking with me through thick and thin. Thank You for encouraging me when I am down and for celebrating with me when I am doing good. A true friend and counselor and I am so Thankful that God put you in my life. I am so Thankful that God put you in my life so that I could truly learn and know who I am in Christ and all that Christ has for me. Knowing now that the Best is yet to come because God holds my future and because you have helped me discover what my gifting is in Christ. Thank You!!

  9. Good morning Pastor Wayne Sutton. I received your prophecy in the mail on Tuesday. I’m just now going through my emails, found your prophecy you sent to me and listened to it.

    You described exactly what is going on with me right now. God is sending so many ideas to me that I can hardly keep up. I try to write them down as they come. I have been asking for direction and the such. Your word blessed me. Thank you for your faithful service.

    May God bless and your family and may the Holy Spirit rest on you mightily to advance the kingdom of God.

  10. I’m astonished ..I played this prophecy over and over..It feels good to know that I’m moving up and everything happens in God timing this word is very encouraging thank you