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  1. Thank you Pastor Wayne for the word I received from you today. I was so blessed with it and it definately confirmed what I’ve been hearing the Lord say to me all along. If the Lord says I could do it than I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me! Amen.

    May God bless you and your ministry

  2. God Bless Pastor Wayne and the entire ministry!

    I received a prophetic word from Pastor Wayne, and it was incredibly accurate. God touched me in such a wonderful way. Thank you for everything your ministry does!


  3. Thank you, brother. The prophetic counsel immediately spoke into my spirit. I could feel the witness of Christ in you as you prophesied. I am so thankful you said “I do not prophesy to tickle the ear, but speak forth what I see.” Thank you for your prayers, thank you for this true word. God bless you and all you touch in Jesus name.

  4. There is much to say about your prophetic counselling–it was not only encouraging but a confirmation of my calling! I read the previous comment from Cynthia and have felt as she did–like I’m at a dead end and can’t seem to move forward. I have been heavily attacked by not only sinners but Christians, which has placed me in a somewhat “withdrawn” situation. However,am spending more time with God as a result of this.
    Thanks for your prayers for my knees, as I am supposed to go in for a full knee replacement–a Senior Thing–which the enemy uses on us. God keeps giving me Ezekial 37–HE CAN RESTORE the dry bones!! Please continue to pray, as I need all the prayer power I can get.

  5. I have received 2 prophecies from Pastor Sutton just in the last 4 weeks. The past 3 years have been the darkest years of my entire life. I had finally reached a place where I did not feel I could go any longer; I was at the end of my rope. Ironically I am a prophetess myself and have been called upon to give inspired words from God to hundreds of people. But because of my calling I also know that God made us to depend on the body of Christ during our own hour of suffering. Pastor Suttons words were not only accurate, pure and true, but his inspired words from God literally changed my entire life with hope based on the TRUTH. Now I know how some of the folks felt when I obeyed God and spoke into their lives. I feel as though Pastor Sutton saved my life and that of my children.

  6. An On PoinT WorD Wayne Sutton!…Surely, The LORD Is WorKinG!…I AppreCiate The AffirMaTioN And EnCouRageMenT!…Yes, My FounDaTioN Is In Christ JeSuS!…FaVouR, JoY, HoNouR And a GreaT ReLease To You All!…GLORY To GOD!!!

  7. Pastor Wayne,

    Ummm, not sure if it’s OK to share this or if I’m suppose to wait till our next appointment time but I just have to let you know — PRAISE REPORT!!!! When you prayed for me, you prayed for my lungs to open up and for me to be able to breathe better. Well, the very next day I could tell a difference in my breathing and it has gotten progressively better each day. I do have a cough now because I’ve been coughing up stuff from my lungs but my breathing is continuously improving. Geez…. who knew? I mostly just thought my breathing problem was because of my weight but underneath it I did suspect there was more going on. I’ve been so consumed with all the pain elsewhere in my body that I really wasn’t even thinking about my breathing being a problem. So cool!!! I guess God saw that as priority for He is our Breath of Life!!! Thank you for your prayers and your time. Looking forward to our next appointment time and seeing what God has in store.

    In His Eternal Love,


  8. Pastor Wayne Sutton is a true prophet of God. I received the prophetic word from the Lord through e-mail from him as well as a phone counseling session. The words spoken by him through the Holy Spirit were confirmed by my Pastor’s sermons. Pastor Wayne also helped me to identify the stronghold in my life and led me to deliverance. Thank you and God bless you!

  9. I praised the Lord for your ministry. I received the prophetic word from you by e-mail and you are on point! God bless you!

  10. Wayne Sutton has the wisdom and sound council to bring clarity to situations about a persons life. I would trust his words and advice from the Lord for me and my family anytime.

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