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  1. I’m astonished ..I played this prophecy over and over..It feels good to know that I’m moving up and everything happens in God timing this word is very encouraging thank you

  2. I want to say this touched my heart. I was just sitting here with a headache for days, been exhausted spiritually, mentally for a few days. hard day at work. I feel like I can’t get a break. struggling all the time…. one thing after another, but I won’t quit. I believe and trust God. Just feeling under-the-weather few days and very unmotivated. I was just trying to motivate myself. and you send me this. I want you to know that I give, just to give as I can. I don’t always expect a prophetic word, but it’s nice to receive one. you make a difference in lives, broken, hurting, Wounded hearts. keep blessing others with the gift God has given you. thank you and God bless.

  3. I am at a turning point in my life .I know God is moving in my life too. I see me moving an need to know who will go with me an who wont or fall away. I knowGodhas plansfor me I just need revelation knowldge. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much Wayne Sutton for your prophecy over me. My life is a mess and my sin of not trusting God has affected my children also. I payed last month for another prophecy for myself. It was ok, nothing exciting, even my mother commented that it sounded like what I am going through right now and nothing for the future. But your prophecy, wow, I didn’t expect it, and it is absolutely true! I haven’t shared with anyone, I’m keeping it in my secret places, to be revealed when the Holy Ghost wants it to be revealed, I’ve listened to it again and again. Praise God, I believe it and receive it! Amen

  5. Pastor Waynes monthly prophecies have been awesome very sharp and encouraging well worthg the connection blessed to be part of this ministry

  6. I love the prophetic words, so many times it was exactly what God was telling me or wanting me to hear. I truly appreciate each and every one!
    Thanks & God Bless!

  7. So thankful for this ministry! I’d like to encourage you all to bless a friend or family member with a prophetic word through Pastor Wayne. Recently one of my daughters was pretty discouraged, until, she received a word from the Lord through Pastor Wayne. Early the next morning after she had received it she messaged me so excited, happy & thankful! She said, “Thanks sooo much Mom. I got such an incredible word! I’m so happy! “That was good medicine for my heart too, so overwhelmed with joy.

  8. I understand that we can all hear from the Lord for ourselves, but there is something very very special about hearing Words from the Lord through a complete stranger that has never met you, and for those words to witness to your spirit in such a deep way. I so look forward to these words each month it gives me fuel to keep on keeping on and keeping my eyes on Jesus. Thank you so much Pastor Wayne, you are a blessing in my life!

  9. Thank you, Pastor Wayne – you gave me prophetic counsel, and it was right on – The Oly Spirit was dealing with me about moving back to the east coast, so I asked for confirmation and you gave it! Thank you for allowibg the Holy Spirit to work thru you for my good!

  10. Thank you for your prophetic words, and I am glad you are my prophetic coach Wayne. You have helped me in so many ways, and your monthly prophetic words are so precious to me.

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