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  1. So thankful for this ministry! I’d like to encourage you all to bless a friend or family member with a prophetic word through Pastor Wayne. Recently one of my daughters was pretty discouraged, until, she received a word from the Lord through Pastor Wayne. Early the next morning after she had received it she messaged me so excited, happy & thankful! She said, “Thanks sooo much Mom. I got such an incredible word! I’m so happy! “That was good medicine for my heart too, so overwhelmed with joy.

  2. I understand that we can all hear from the Lord for ourselves, but there is something very very special about hearing Words from the Lord through a complete stranger that has never met you, and for those words to witness to your spirit in such a deep way. I so look forward to these words each month it gives me fuel to keep on keeping on and keeping my eyes on Jesus. Thank you so much Pastor Wayne, you are a blessing in my life!

  3. Thank you, Pastor Wayne – you gave me prophetic counsel, and it was right on – The Oly Spirit was dealing with me about moving back to the east coast, so I asked for confirmation and you gave it! Thank you for allowibg the Holy Spirit to work thru you for my good!

  4. Thank you for your prophetic words, and I am glad you are my prophetic coach Wayne. You have helped me in so many ways, and your monthly prophetic words are so precious to me.

  5. This prophecy was just remarkable Wayne knew how I was feeling and my problems in my heart…He told me to write down my dreams in a journal and he said I am pregnant in the spiritual realm in a new era my dreams will give me wisdom….What shocked me is that i had a couple of dreams last month I had multiple dreams of people telling me I’m pregnant and other dreams of wisdom that now I know I need to pay close attention to

  6. This is confirmation of a prophetic event happening as Pastor Wayne responded to my request for prayer and prophetic needs. We were trying to get a home in Illinois with many issues in the forefront, we were pre approved, then the road blocks started or stumbling blocks as I like to call them. So an email to Pastor Wayne. His prophetic word stated in the body of the word; that I would receive { an email, a phone call and a text}. with in 5 days this all came to pass and we closed on our home on Oct.21, 2016 Thank you and the Lord continue to Bless you and the Prophetic. This all came to be in the month of Oct. 2016. Thank you God.

  7. Pastor Wayne,
    I went into 2017 with no agenda, no dream or idea of what I was to do, not sure where I belong or who I am in Christ. There have been so many changes in the past 4 months. I live in Louisiana and my home was flooded in the big flood that happened in August. Losing so much and the battles to rebuild have been overwhelming and I have been struggling. With all of this, my dreams and goals have died. When I heard your word for me, I started crying. Your word for me was Grace. I’ve been seeking God, asking Him what I am to do or where to go.
    Thank you so much for your obedience and your ministry! Thank you for your word. Many times they have guided me when I had no idea where to go.

  8. Testimony on Wayne Sutton’s Ministry….


    I have followed Wayne Sutton for a while now and we have become friends. I believe his ministry to be sincere and honest, which these days is rare!

    I had been traveling in Chile on vacation and was using a guest pass working out at the gym when the Lord spoke to me to send a gift of love to Wayne’s ministry. My mind said send $100 but God said no send $200 and “watch what I will do”.

    So I send Wayne $200 through PayPal and specifically asked the Lord to prosper my business and to expose any hinderances in our business.

    A couple hours had past when I received a text from our store manager. We own a restaurant and the manager and the crew were cleaning the ceilings in the kitchen area. Under one of the ceiling panels, our manager found a strange blue bag.

    We discovered it was a curse/charm/spell bag placed their by an ex-employee to hinder our business. Our city has allot of new age and witchcraft practitioners.

    It just so happens that our manager was a missionary from Africa and identified what it was and knew how to destroy the charm/curse.

    We have struggled for years in our business and this could be part of the issue!

    My point is this, when God speaks to you, obey! When you give, give with love and joy! God may have you give or do an act of kindness so he can release something into your life.

    God may have you give to Wayne Sutton or someone completely different, but just make sure you obey the voice of God and that you give to a ministry made of good soil. Wayne is good soil and an honest man!

    I take no glory for any of this as I could have just as easily missed it and ignored God. To God be all the glory!

    Pastor Tom Cash

  9. Wayne repeated the very words that Jesus spoke to me last week. It was amazing for Jesus to speak the words last week, and then even more amazing to have Wayne repeat them

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