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  1. Pastor Wayne the word you gave me April 5, 2013 has been manifesting in my life. People have asked me for a Word from God and it flows after praying 7 waiting. Something feels like it is going to burst forth like a fountain. I keep hearing Suddenly. Your prophecy for me was absolutely awesome & very much needed. I need to lay hands on people & pray God’s love upon them. I received a conch shell from daughter when she went to Mexico. I put it to my hear & remember what you said in my prophecy. Wow! Praise God!!!

  2. Thank you Prophet Wayne for your prophetic word. It was accurate, speaking into my present situation and into my future, you even added that I would recieve favoured income the next day – and sure enough, I recieved money in the post the next day!!

  3. I received a prophetic word about my identity and that I already have the kingdom within me, and that I just have to agree with the Lord and come into unity with Him for it to be a reality. I have been praying for completeness and fullness in my life for the Lord, and I believe it and receive this word. I want others to be healed and freed by Jesus. I want the Lord to use me. I pray that I will be steadfast to do it and see it through on my part. I know that the Lord is patient and that He is faithful to me. Thank you for the encouragement and blessing.

  4. From the moment I subscribed to receive prophetic word and counselling my life has developed tremendously. I must say that the prophetic words spoke volume as nd confirm some stuff that God was saying to me. Thanks pastor Wayne for allowing the lord to use you to bless and nourish me to seek and know him more. I’m grateful.

  5. I had a NDE in 2005 it was so wonderful, I met Jesus and He lifted me high and danced me round three times. see scroll down see “dancing with Jesus” by Brenda Holder It is short and sweet with a very powerful message. Enjoy

  6. amen indeed since i have been recieving prophetic utterances from prophet Wayne i have seen and surely seen some of the promises come into fruition ,plus the teachings have strenghthen me as a prophet in my call,

  7. Well,i’m glad to receive spiritual counselling from the man of God Pastor Wayne Sutton. Pastor you are tremendously loaded with the teachings that has already started strengthening me spiritually. I was a man of little faith but now I’m no longer wavering when it comes to faith. I have also managed to eliminate spirit of fear, timid and shynes.I’m looking forward to learn more and more and become what God wants me to be in my physical and life.

  8. I have had only one Prophetic Counseling & Life Coaching so far and I was so blessed, encouraged and empowered. It is my greatest desire to walk in the highest call and destiny that God has for me. Pastor Wayne shared with me 2 Cor. 3:18 where it says we are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory becoming more and more like Jesus…this is our Destiny!!! The Lord just gives us assignments to fulfill from day to day, year to year and as we follow HIM being obedient then we come into that Destiny of being like Jesus!! Right off that might seem like a simple Truth but it is very empowering and very encouraging because as I am faithful in walking out the assignments that the Lord gives me He is bringing me into that Awesome Destiny of Being just like Him.
    Thanks Pastor Wayne for being faithful to the assignment God has given you to empower and encourage us by prophetically speaking into our lives.

  9. Praise the Lord and God Bless, I believe Pastor Wayne has given a good word to me through the Holy Spirit. Words of encouragement and alignment for a clearer vision. His prophetic encouragement makes me want more and he speaks the Oracles of God. Praise the Lord! I would recommend a spiritual prophetic encouraging word of the Lord from this brother, absolutely. God bless!

  10. Thank you so much Pastor Wayne for the prophetic words and the words of encouragement you said to me last week. Everything you said to me was just a confirmation because some other men of God had revealed them to me about 5 years ago. I am so glad for the prayer of deliverance and more importantly because you told me not to confess again all the evils that had been occurring in my family for years now. You reminded me to always call the blessings of God upon my life no matter what.
    I would like to encourage all the children of God who are going through difficult time to try the “Second Adam ministry” and their life will never be the same. I contacted this prophet because I read so many good reviews about him. I tried him and I am so glad and relieve.
    Today, I am leaving my own testimony to you who are still skeptical so that you will be encouraged to try this man of God.
    Pastor Wayne is so bless, he is not in a rush when he is talking to you and he kept asking me (what else do you want me to do for you?)
    I love you so much pastor Wayne and may the almighty God continue to empower you, fill you with his spirit and give you long life so that you will continue to bring more people into his kingdom.
    May God bless you, your wife Candace and children in Jesus name.

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