Deadly 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northwestern China, Leaving 127 Dead and Many Trapped

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At least 127 people have been killed in an earthquake in a mountainous region of northwestern China, officials said this week.

According to NBC News, many people are still trapped or buried under rubble in the area.

The magnitude-6.2 earthquake struck Jishishan County in Gansu province overnight. The tremors lasted about 20 seconds.

Nine aftershocks with magnitude 3.0 or higher were recorded as of 10 a.m. (9 p.m. ET Monday), Gao Xiaoming, deputy director of the Earthquake Administration of Gansu, said in a news conference.

“The earthquake was too intense,” said Wang Xi, a student from Lanzhou University, who posted images showing people hastily leaving their dormitories, The Associated Press reported. “My legs went weak, especially when we ran downstairs.”

Rescuers deployed more than 4,000 firefighters, soldiers, and police officers to the areas to try to help.

According to Reuters, roads, power and water lines, and agricultural production facilities were damaged in the event, and the quake triggered land and mudslides.

In Gansu, more than 207,000 homes were damaged, and nearly 15,000 collapsed, affecting more than 145,000 people.

Meanwhile, rescuers and survivors faced the destruction in frigid temperatures. On Tuesday night, the temperature in Gansu was about 5 degrees.

According to the Xinhua news agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for an “all-out” effort to save people. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the People’s Armed Police Force will be helping with relief efforts.

Du Haiyi said his family home had been destroyed, but he saved his mother and sister.

“My parents were pulled out from underneath this, but I don’t know how,” Du said. “We ran to wherever we could.”

The ministries of finance and emergency management also earmarked 200 million yuan ($28 million) to the two provinces to “assist local efforts in earthquake relief.”  

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