Debut Trailer and Tickets Available for the February Box Office Launch of ‘The Chosen’ Season 4

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Tickets for an unprecedented Season 4 theatrical debut of The Chosen went on sale Monday, the same day that the trailer dropped, to give fans a sneak peek of the plot.

Season 4, Episodes 1-3 will land in theaters on Feb. 1, followed by Episodes 4-6 on Feb. 15 and Episodes 7-8 on Feb. 29. It is believed to be the first time that an entire season of a streaming series has debuted at the box office prior to landing on its traditional platform. 

Fathom Events is distributing it. 

“Last year, we dipped our toes in the water by releasing a few episodes in theaters. The response was so strong, and Season 4 is so big, that we knew Fathom, and we had to give viewers the theatrical experience for all eight episodes,” said Dallas Jenkins, the series creator and director.

The trailer shows several well-known scenes from Scripture, including Jesus calling Lazarus to walk out of the tomb and Jesus telling his disciples, “On this rock I will build my church.” The trailer shows Judas plotting his betrayal. We also hear a leader pledge to “expose Jesus.”

“We’re excited to make history with The Chosen,” said Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events. “This collaboration has been such an amazing experience! Watching the fans come out in such large numbers to watch the story of Jesus on the big screen has been both informative and heartwarming. We look forward to bringing Season 4 to theaters so those fans can continue to share this story together.”

The Chosen is on pace to be the most translated series in history, thanks to efforts from the Come and See Foundation. The first three seasons will “soon be available in 50 languages with plans to subtitle in more than 600,” according to a news release.

After the series concludes its theatrical run, The Chosen “will announce the debut across streaming and linear TV platforms, as well as The Chosen TV and mobile apps,” the same release said. 

Photo Courtesy: Exclusive ‘The Chosen’ Season 4 Photos via Fathom.

Video Courtesy: Fathom via YouTube

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