Dec 26, Vision from Jesus: Skeletons,demon,snowman

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Disclaimer : I own nothing. I am using the images under the ” Fair Use ” portion of the US copyright law. Educational purposes only.

Written by Wayne

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  1. When weed( the plant ) gets lit , this changes the chemical structure making it harmful and the law might be them legalizing it everywhere ( or a majority of places ) . Behading is Christians ( someone had a dream about churches misleading the people ) . The Snow man may show receiving the ' cold shoulder ' when people are looking for help .

  2. I will tell you the interpretation of the dream….The world…..the world is a lie….God…God is truth and is a spirit……That spirit in a man is a sword….and the Jews know exactly what is both legal in the temle and what Righteous means,,,,so….come what may

  3. Reboot70, one thing I will add is that the many skeletons seem to indicate a nuclear incident happenning. It would take a long time for so many bodies to be without muscle and skin, but a nuclear bomb could do it on a mass scale in seconds.

Vision of JESUS/YESHUA Giving a New Heart