Despite Trolling Rumors, Lil Nas X Was Not Accepted into Liberty University’s Biblical Studies Program

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The rapper Lil Nas X recently stirred controversy by posting an image on Instagram claiming he received an acceptance letter from Liberty University, a prominent Christian college, to study Christian Leadership and Biblical Studies. He stated in the caption that he would start his studies in the fall and emphasized that not everything he does is a troll. However, skepticism arose as the acceptance letter displayed the incorrect name of the university president. While Lil Nas X asserted his intent to pursue biblical studies, the signature at the end of the letter belonged to Jerry Falwell, the former president, rather than the current president, Dondi Costin.

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Lil Nas X’s actions are part of his promotional strategy for his upcoming single, “J Christ.” Earlier in the week, he shared the cover art featuring himself on a crucifix, symbolizing a parody of Jesus’ crucifixion, with a caption expressing dedication to the “man who had the greatest comeback of all time.” He continued the theme in another clip, where he is portrayed nailed to a gold cross that transforms into a mechanical suit complete with a halo. Despite his content’s provocative imagery and controversial nature, Lil Nas X claimed to be continuing the joke about his dedication to the Christian faith.

Beyond his music promotion, Lil Nas X has engaged in bizarre clips on social media, alleging that he was “blackballed” from releasing music in 2023 for “promoting God to the masses.” He accused the music industry of being “wicked” and threatened to expose other artists. Additionally, he posted a clip of standing next to police officers, suggesting he would be with the police department for the next five days before exposing the music industry’s alleged mistreatment of him, stating that “evil will not stop what God has planned.”

Critics have questioned the authenticity and timing of Lil Nas X’s actions, especially considering the discrepancies in the acceptance letter and his history of using controversial content for publicity. The rapper seems to blend satire, parody, and self-promotion in his unique approach to marketing and generating buzz around his music releases.

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