Don’t Dare Call Me 4 Eyes! My new glasses and your prophetic vision!

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I now have glasses…. and it made me think. (maybe because I look smarter? lol)

I turned the big 40 – and my wife finally prodded me to go and have an eye exam,  despite the fact that I see great!  

Why do I need to waste time and money on an eye exam?  

However, I went and let them do their exam.  And yep, I left with a prescription and order for a new pair of glasses.  At this point I still did not believe that I needed them!

Afew days later I get the phone call to come and pick them up… Buyers remorse settled in.  I know that the prescription is low, and I am guessing they will only be a pair of plain glass lens – no change whatsoever.  

Wow.  I stand corrected.  

As …

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