Don?t Lose Heart! The Storm Will Pass~ Breakthrough Is Coming!

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by Julie Price

It seems like I’ve been writing from this place a lot lately, but many are still in some very tough places that the Father wants to touch today. 

 The Lord is saying,

“I know you feel weary in the battle, but there is a rest to be found in me.  Even before I change your circumstances, I desire to change you; from your innermost being I am finishing a deep work.  You struggle to see the purpose of the storm you are in, but I tell you, strength is building up in you.  I am being formed in you.  You have perseverance that you didn’t have six months ago, as you have remained in me during the most difficult of seasons in your life.  When you will walk out of this …

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Don’t Lose Heart! The Storm Will Pass~ Breakthrough Is Coming! Prophetic Word