Don’t Put God in a Box

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The book of Acts is exciting! Miracles happen in every chapter. Although I have read through the entire Bible every year for over 25 years, every year, God opens my eyes to amazing new insights in His Word. This year my eyes were opened to the various ways (not just one way) God chose to speak to His followers. Have you noticed them before?

God Spoke to His Followers Through Angels

An angel of the Lord said to Philip.” (Acts 8:26)

An angel of the Lord came to him and said.” (Acts 10:2)

The angel struck Peter on the side and woke him up. “Hurry! Get dressed and put on your sandals.” (Acts 12:7)

God Spoke to His Followers Through Visions

The Lord spoke to Ananias in a vision.” (Acts 9:10)

God Spoke to His Followers Through His Holy Spirit

“During this time the Holy Spirit said to them, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul to do a special work for which I have chosen for them.”
(Acts 13:2)

The Lord Spoke to His Followers Directly

“The next night the Lord came and stood by Paul. He said, “Be brave.
(Acts 23:11).

I reflected on these verses and wondered why, this year, God would open my eyes to the fact that He did not (and does not) use just one or two ways to speak to His followers. The answer was, “Don’t limit God to your incomplete knowledge of Him.”

We have the tendency to do that, don’t we?

Father God, thank You for opening our eyes and teaching us new truths and showing us new insights about Yourself. Help us to keep on being learners. Prevent us from trying to put You in our man-made boxes. You are so great! Amen.

By Katherine Kehler
Used by Permission


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