Dr. Kent Hovind 2-2-2017 Bible Study Mt. 26:57-62. False witnesses. God’s preserved Words!

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  1. To repent of sins is not to remember past sins, though they should bother your conscience, it is the change your mind to sin and not sin anymore. How can a person in Christ, that is with the Holy ghost of Jesus Christ indwelling them, want to sin in rebellion with Jesus.

  2. (I know I don't agree with everything you teach but you must listen to this.) I understand that you need to keep your ministry going, Dr. Hovind. However, suggesting that visitor to any website (including yours) without a valid certificate exposes them to phishing for hacking or identity theft. The certificates were designed to guarantee that a website comes from who they say it does. For example, if a remote system or client is hijacked to redirect a bank website to another server then you'll see an error similar to the one currently found on your site. Now get this, if you say on a video tonight that it's okay to ignore that error on your page and someone were easily able to redirect your domain then they could emulate your website's order form to collect any data that they want and steal enough information by the time they realize it's fraudulent. Technically, your site will work and you'll get orders but people are currently at risk so I would avoid telling people to visit until that problem is resolved. Trust me, I understand public key encryption and site certificates. This should be resolved very quickly for you.

  3. Love 'What a Freind We Have In Jesus' hymn, the words are powerful. I saw a video on the history behind this hymn. It was a poem he pinned to his mother. He lost his first wife to illness, then years latter he lost his second wife he was going to marry, she died before they could marry. Very sad, but he clung to the Saviour. Praise God! God bless DAL and brother Hovind and his ministry!

  4. the phrase repent of your sins is not even in the bible, false gospel.
    I'm confused what you believe you say it's faith alone but then you say if you really got saved you will start to change (do works). also in your gospel presentation (in the seminar) you tell people you have to repent of your sins. I wish you would clear the confusion.
    just so you know whe tree I stand I believe the bible and Romans 4.5 to him that worketh not but believeth.
    you can be saved and be doing zero works.
    should you do good works of course but works is not evidence of salvation.


January 17, 2017 Bible Study, Rev Dr Howard-John Wesley