Fearless American Missionary Helps Free Six-Year-Old Yazidi Boy From Hands Of ISIS

David Eubank | Twitter

Men, women and children in areas terrorized by the ISIS are suffering from their hands. But just this Saturday, Free Burma Rangers shares a good news for all to know! National Iraqi Soldiers were able to free a Yazidi boy held in captive by the ISIS in northeastern Mosul on Saturday local time after they fought against ISIS!Six-year old Ayman Amin was captured by the terrorist group 2 years ago together with his family. He was then sold multiple times to different families.

National forces was able to track the location of the child after local residents provided information about his last buyer which is an Arab family in Mosul.


FBR and the military forces collaborated in their mission for they were so determined to save the 6-year-old even if it meant they’ll face the ISIS during the rescue. They also brought along an elderly man who previously purchased Amin from the ISIS. The elderly man’s desire was for Amin to have a family.


The rescue team took Amin to his grandmother and uncle. His grandmother was so emotional as she saw Amin for the first time after 2 years!

“Oh God, God, thank God, thank you all, thank God,” his grandmother says.


David Eubank, leader of the FBR, stated that no one knows where his parents are. Even his grandmother was held captive by the terrorist group but was released due to her age. Other family members are still also missing.

Let’s continue to pray for our brothers and sisters that were being oppressed by this terrorist group.