Feel STUCK In Life? Here Is Why!

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Now, you have a spiritual, you have a happiness, you have a financial thermostat. You have a set point and you can change that, but you have to alter your beliefs to achieve that which you want in life. Let me explain to you. People will only take … This is not a conscious decision, it’s unconscious. People will only take, will only receive what they think they’re worth. Let me give you an example. If you think you’re worth $50,000 per year. Now, you may want $300,000, but if you truly believe you’re worth $50,000 a year, that’s all you will take. That’s what your financial set point is, your thermostat. I’m worth $50,000. Now, this is probably an unconscious belief, not conscious, but that’s what you will work in. You will work in that area and that’s what you will receive.
If you think, well, I can be happy … On a scale from 1 to 10, I can be a six. I can be happy four days out of the week. I saw my family was depressed. My friends are depressed. I don’t feel like I deserve to be happy all the time. Maybe you’ve done some things in the past that’s holding you back. Well, that’s your happiness set point. You got your thermostat set there, and the same way with even your spiritual life. Do you feel worthy to be loved by God? Do you feel worthy to be part of this grand universe, or do you feel unworthy? Do you feel like your identity got some issues so you can’t walk in that full awareness of who you are, the greatness of who you are?
See, a financial, a spiritual, a happiness set point, they’re set by people around us and they’re set by our way we grew up, our embedded beliefs, but you can change that. You can change that. If I walk into my home, if I walk here into the office and it’s 70 degrees and I want it to be 75, I just bump up the thermostat. If I want it to be 80, I bump it up a little more. If I really want to really, I could … How high do we bump it? The problem is when we bump up our belief about money or our belief about our relationships, our belief about our happiness, everything around us may scream, “This isn’t normal, this isn’t normal,” so we go back to what we unconsciously believe.
So how do you alter those beliefs? How do you change that so you can achieve more and create more and live a happier lifestyle? A couple of ways. Number one is you do it by placing yourself in situations where you must do it. That means you place yourself in situations where, I don’t want to say fake it till you make it, but you must fake it a little bit. You must place yourself in situations that demand you to go 110%. You go the extra mile. And when you go the extra mile and you achieve the result, then you can say, “Wow, I did this,” and all of a sudden your financial set point, your happiness set point, your spiritual set point’s at a new level.
Another way is through association. Association is probably the most effective because it unconsciously retrains you just like you’ve unconsciously been trained. So if you’re making $50,000 a year and you’re like, “I really need to break the six figure income for my family or my goals and dreams,” then I want you to start finding those people that are making that kind of income and become friends with them. Hang out with them. Where did they go to? Where do they associate at? If you’re trying to get in financial … or maybe a physical, you’re maybe trying to lose 50 pounds or maybe trying to get in shape or maybe you’re … whatever your fitness goals are, I want you to begin to work out with those who are not in the same level as you, but those who are above you, those who are going to push you, those who are going to strive to go above. And maybe you don’t have that workout partner, but you can actually find people through YouTube. You can find people through some of these Facebook groups, and you can find people that are going to push you.
Also, hire a fitness coach. Hire somebody that can say this is where you’re at, this is where you need to be, and they can push you, and you can believe in yourself. Because once you’ve done something once, then your mind all of a sudden says, “Wow. It’s possible.” If it’s possible, then you can do it again, and then once you get to that level, how much more can we do? How much more happiness can you stand in your life? How much more money can you stand in your life? So your financial set point, your happiness set point, your physical set points, your spiritual set points, all of these are like a thermostat, and you have a set point where you’re at. If it gets too cold, you’re like, “Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me turn it up a little bit.” You know how to work that to get your life back on track. How about taking it to a new level?

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