Fellowship of Christian Athletes Celebrates Spiritual Transformation  of over 51,000 Salvations in 2023

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More than 51,000 people made decisions for salvation at Fellowship of Christian Athletes events in fiscal year 2023, the FCA reporter said.

In a recent news release, the FCA said 51,730 decisions for Christ were made from September 2022 to August 2023.

“The best gift we can give and receive at Christmas is the gift of Christ, who came to Earth to save us and offer us all the free gift of salvation,” said FCA President and CEO Shane Williamson in a statement shared with The Christian Post.

“As we reflect on the birth of our Savior, we are reminded of what Jesus has done with FCA and are so thankful for the 51,730 student-athletes who came to know Him this year through the ministry.”

FCA uses a Faith Response Tool, a texting system that allows FCA staff, coaches, and athletes to share their decisions with FCA.

“This system provides FCA with the opportunity to not only get an idea of their impact around the globe but also allows for an initial contact between the organization and each young follower of Christ,” an FCA spokesperson said in a statement.

In fiscal year 2022, FCA reported 52,358 decisions.

The FCA said they work with coaches and organizations to help new believers connect with other Christians and find resources.

“FCA staff and mobilized volunteers work diligently to follow up with coaches and athletes after camps and other events/programs,” said an FCA spokesperson.

“Follow-up includes ensuring the athlete or coach have a Bible and get plugged into a local church community, connected to a huddle, and are supported as they grow in their relationship with God on their discipleship journey.”

FCA recently celebrated a major victory in the courts after a judge in California ruled that the group had been wrongly excluded from campus life in the San Jose Unified School District.

“Under the First Amendment’s protection of the free exercise of religion and free speech, the government may not single out religious groups for special disfavor compared to similar secular groups,” wrote Judge Consuelo M. Callahan for the majority.

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