Five Prophetic Words For 2015

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Written by Wayne

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  1. People will defend this woman yet they do not have scripture to defend or prove what she is saying. This is a new teaching, thus "New Age Christians."       2 Corin 11:4

  2. Definition of False Teacher is one who presumes to teach in the name of the Lord. God will turn away from sinners who do not repent their sins in their faith to Jesus. Thus, this woman is lying to you with her much speaking and twisting of scripture.

  3. Dear sister ,I am greatful to The Lord for you a and your ministry . Ii too am a minister of The Lord Jesus the Christ. There are some things that I would like to talk with you about . How can I contact you? If you will , I am gail ,at (513)-237-1626, please.

  4. Prophets: Most people think all the prophets lived hundreds of years ago, but the Truth is, there have been many recent prophets. Some have been in show business and the arts. Let me tell you about four of the most powerful. The Beatles themselves were like other men, but the music and lyrics channeled through them contained magic and messages from beyond the mind. (page 59 Present) Learn more about the secrets of the beatles and their spiritual role. Check TruthContest and read the Present

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