Forget Not My Church!

Forget Not My Church!

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This has definitely been a time of soul-searching, praying, and a lot of division among the body of Christ in this political season.
Praying for our leaders is a command from the word of God, and praying for justice and righteousness to prevail in this election, and all political affairs, is surely wise.

Likewise, continue to pray for the other areas of a person’s life, the single mom that is struggling to place food up on the table, the drug attic praying they can resist another urge to use, and for the lost souls who have yet to hear about the kingdom of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

What direction is the enemy attacking the saints from? Are their fellow brother and sisters that we have neglected to pray over, because all of the attention has been upon Covid and this election?

Should we pray over this election? Should we pray about this pandemic? 
Absolutely. At the same time, remember to call out in prayer and petitions for the other areas that you’re a fellow brothers and sisters are facing. 

When counseling others, I often talk about intentional and balances, where we must show increased attention towards a certain matter in our life… However, when it comes to the kingdom of God, we must continuously pray over every area of one’s life.

As a minister and prophetic counselor, I have seen many marriages that have fallen apart over the last year. I have witnessed and ministered to people that have delved deeper into alcoholism and drug abuse… We must ask ourselves if we praying for them as well?

Pray. Stand in faith. And expect miracles to come forth… In all areas. Jesus himself knew when to bestow grace, when to judge, when to heal, and when to walk away from it all and spend time with the father.
So my plead towards you today, and I believe or plead from the Lord, is that you will stand in prayer for this nation and the leadership, to stand for righteousness and justice, and then likewise stand for your fellow brothers and sisters and all of their needs.

“Pray for one another that your prayers may be healed…” – James 5:16
God bless you all.

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