Freed Hostages Begin Unraveling Tales of Terror from Captivity

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Hostages released by Hamas are gradually sharing details of their captivity. More than 50 hostages have been freed as part of a multi-day pause in the conflict, with Hamas agreeing to release at least 10 Israeli hostages daily in exchange for triple the number of Palestinian prisoners held on terror charges. Hila Rotem Shoshani, taken at 12, described intermittent food shortages during her seven weeks in captivity. Keren Munder and her son, Ohad, abducted from kibbutz Nir Oz, experienced weight loss and slept on benches. Ruthy Munder, the first to personally recount her ordeal, described initial decent conditions deteriorating, leading to sleeping on plastic chairs. Some hostages, like Adina Moshe, had to adjust to sunlight after being kept in darkness. Others were informed about events through Israeli media. The situation remains tense as Israel plans to resume the war after the ceasefire, and family members of those still being held captive anxiously await updates. Top of Form

Eitan Yahalomi, a 12-year-old boy held hostage by Hamas, was forced to watch footage of the group’s brutal October 7 attacks in which they raped and slaughtered Israeli families, according to The Christian Post.. Yahalomi’s aunt reported that upon arrival in Gaza, residents beat him, and Hamas terrorists threatened to shoot abducted children when they cried. The ceasefire has seen the release of 30 children, but nine remain in captivity, including a 10-month-old kidnapped with his family. 

After enduring over 50 days of captivity by Hamas, Jimmy Pacheko recounts his harrowing experience as a Hamas hostage. He witnessed his employer’s merciless killing, survived on minimal food (resorted to eating moist toilet paper), and faced grueling tasks like cleaning toilets. Released with the first batch of hostages, he expressed gratitude upon seeing the sun again, kneeling to thank the Lord. CBN News reported Jimmy saying, “My strength came from the Lord and for my children. Now, I am more mature and stronger in many respects. I want to stay here and keep working, even after what they did to me. I want to provide for my family because I do not want my children to experience the hardships I experienced as a child. And I would like to thank you all for your prayers.” 

Concern for a humanitarian crisis is rising, as around 160 hostages remain captive, with approximately 100 being Israeli civilians, including soldiers kidnapped from Israel, while Hamas still holds nine Americans. The recent releases have unveiled horrifying conditions, including beatings, death threats, and psychological torture endured by hostages. Reports indicate women and children facing abuse are forced to watch brutal videos of their loved ones being attacked. Former captives describe sleeping on plastic chairs, sparse food, and a suffocating environment. Despite physical recovery, released hostages undergo psychological evaluations, with complex stories emerging from their time in Hamas captivity. 

Photo Courtesy: Screenshot: How Hamas Treated Hostages | CBN NewsWatch – November 29, 2023/CBN News via YouTube. 12/1/23 @ 11:35am

Video Courtesy:  ABC News via YouTube

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