From 9/11 To Amos 9/11 – The Tabernacle Of David Is Being Raised Up Again

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So how has 9/11 changed your life since it happened 13 years ago?

I know it has changed mine in many ways. It seemed that there was a dividing line in my life and it went from before 9/11 to after 9/11. I also believe that a whole new level of the prophetic began at that point in time. I remember about a week before this happened the Lord spoke to me and said that a “catastrophic event was about to take place.” At that point in my life and I believe in many American’s lives, a catastrophic event was the equivalent of a plane crash or something on that level. So when God spoke this, it was what came to me.
I was substitute teaching that day and the kids were doing I-Step testing but the kids started coming into my class …