Galatians Bible Study for Beginners – #1 – Introduction & Outline

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This first lesson in this series contains the background information on the history of the Galatian church, Paul’s reason for writing this letter, and the general division of the topics that the Apostle addresses in his epistle to these people.

Written by Wayne

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  1. hi. i have question. lets say i dont repent of anything. i continue in my sins after believing that jesuspaid the price for my sin. what does this say about my faith. you know that many beleiver do this???they believe yet they continue in there sins. in fact many get worse. i see many examples of this arou d me. to the lost these people bring confusion. my opinion of this is that this behavior is destroying the church in ameruca. christian are know calli g the bible the works of men. and that the book is evil. so they dont read the bible or go to church. these people they just follow jesus and listen to the holy spirit. if you are on facebook yhere are 1000s of folk that declare that they are non religious , dont read and trust the word or go to church. its insane. ive been dragged down by these people. but im standing on the word of God. repentance???? is it necessary to do this yo b be saved??? does unrepentance demo strate a lack of faith???i dont know. can you help me with this??? thank you, lenny

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