God had mercy on me and showed me a vision

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first video on youtube, i took it down because i was embarassed but i realize now that i have to share this with you…i had a vision from God and was touched by an was so amazing i am getting closer to the Lord Jesus now still although i struggle at times..but it’s so amazing you do not have to be perfect for God to reveal something to you when you seek Him He meets you where you’re at it’s so amazing how loving he is!!

Written by Wayne

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  1. I haven't watched any of your other vids yet, but I see that you found out his name (I can see your other vid on the right hand side called Yeshua told me how….)
    Not sure how far you are in your walk, but I do hope you have looked into the Hebrew root movement, but be careful, there are extremist in every movement.
    I have found some like 119 ministries or New 2 Torah by Zach and others like them to be very good.
    gonna go check out some of your other vids.
    you are very encouraging to me as I had a vision 16 years ago, been wanting to make a video, but every time I tell someone about it I end up, actually I end up finding out more truth, lol, but I also lose any new so called christian friends I meet.
    You got me thinking now, thanks, maybe I'll do one soon, most think I'm off my rocker already anyways.

  2. +Kenzi Babenzi Now that you are awaken you can see that a sinner can become a saint. John 3:3. We are all connected thru Jesus because of the Holy Ghost. Most people have the same dreams but people don't share what they dream or what they feel. Jesus has always been with us spiritually. But the second coming is very close. Our mission is the awaken as many as we can to The Way=Jesus

  3. i used to have cold shoulders, i dunno what it was.
    everytime i used to jug, or play game, i just get this pain.

    but ever since i was Born Again…that stuff already disappeared man.

    and you need to write down this vision first and then make a video!
    because you are not making sense half the time, you kept jumping words, and making the video too long:/

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