God In Your Midst!

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One of the great expressions in the Gospels is the phrase ‘in the midst.’ It tells us that Christ is among us as our Immanuel. He is:

  • In the Midst of Our Questions—Luke 2:46. As a child, He stood among the questioning rabbis.
  • In the Midst of Our Persecution—Luke 4:40; John 8:59. He walked throught the midst of His enemies.
  • In the Midst of Our Worship—Matthew 18:20
  • In the Midst of Our Need—John 10:18, crucified in the midst of thieives.
  • In the Midst of Our Victory—Luke 24:36 and John 20;19
  • In the Midst of Our church—Revelation 1:13, walking in the midst of the candlesticks.
  • In the Midst of Heaven—Revelation 5:6 and 7:17

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