“God Wants You to Smile at Your Future” by Patricia King – Video Teaching of the Month

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Patricia King’s joy and excitement is contagious as she brings us a word of truth and encouragement for our future as Children of a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever!

In October of 2013 Patricia received a word from the Lord instructing her to “Smile at your future”. This direction from the Lord was just one of three powerful words that God revealed to Patricia concerning what He is about to do in the coming days. Patricia reveals these promises and expounds on each one in a way that instructs us on how we can begin to be rightly positioned to step into these promises as they begin to unfold.

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Written by Wayne

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  1. Your value is how much God values us, he gave his precious treasure Jesus to us. It is the ultimate gift. Why do you question your worth. I don't care if anyone is born in a good or bad environment. You have to smash that conditioning from the devil by reading more books on history discover the honor of our ancestors, the honor God has given to men. There have been many good men tortured, raped, mutilated but still retained their dignity even under great torture and humiliation. Let us draw and draw more courage from God from men who gave up their lives because we are all over comers we are heroes because we can rise above the situation and be a martyr for the cause 

  2. Another problem is pedophilia in the upper elite societies and the higher ecclesiastical orders of the Vatican. Cmon its easy to talk about surface issues, it's even harder to discuss about the crap that come from spiritual fathers who practice obverse to their preaching. Cmon Christianity must address ALL these issues. 

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