God’s People Having Prophetic Dreams – Obama – Tsunami – Nuclear Attacks

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Prophetic Dreams!

I have heard now from at least 5 to 6 different people including Perry Stone, Rick Wiles, John Shorey, Jonathan Cahn, Chuck Missler, Avi Lipkin and now this lady that they have all experienced either dreams or visions of Tsunami’s, Nuclear war or Asteroid events either in or near America. If it was just one person or 2, I would dismiss it but these are all quite reliable people who are committed Christians and I have heard from them at different times very similar warnings. Worth listening too and at least being aware of.

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  1. I see those that mock prophecy and the Christian faith. Time will tell the truth, when it does I pray that you will ask God for forgiveness and He will.     ~~~IF~ we are wrong then we would only look silly, if you are wrong its eternal torment. ….eternity is a loooong time to regret and it will be too late. When these things come to pass I hope you remember that a messenger of God said these things before hand and will cause you to know — Jesus is real and the Bible is true!

  2. There are whole lot of disaster movies through the years, so is logic that people have dreams about that kind of events. The people of USA do not have to worry about great disasters in the US. Please watch THE GOSPEL TRADITION 2015 performance at the White House. As far as I know, for the first time ever a president praised Lord Jesus in the White House. President Barack Obama has bowed to The Almighty. So don't let fear mongers scare you! May The Almighty bless all of you.

  3. Live to please God now,forget about everything else.Pray on your knees with your hands raised to heaven everyday.When you do this it will increase your faith.Checkout Zac Poonen videos

  4. I've had 3 in a year . one where it looked as if stars were falling but turned out to be bunches of tornados then a clocktower fell and I saw SLC going up in flames fires everywhere destruction. Next was when night came it turned right back into daylight massive panick around and next recently was city was clearing out I stayed till minister came n said we needed to leave the only people staying were terrorists and a war began . amazing how are brains function at night . hell no wonder I wake up tired lol 

  5. Wait….she said she received this vision before Obama became President in 2008. She asked God, if He expected her to support a President that supports abortion and homosexuality…except….Obama did not accept homosexuality in the first election.
    This "prophecy" is already sounding a little confused.

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