Haiti: Christians Give Thanks to God Despite Hurricane Destruction

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Christians in Haiti are giving thanks to the Lord despite the death and destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew.

The death toll in Haiti has risen above 1,000 according to the latest reports, and hundreds of thousands of people need help after the Category 5 hurricane slammed into the impoverished island nation on Oct. 4.

Buildings have been destroyed, as well as crops, and aid workers fear a shortage of clean water. This is leading to diseases such as cholera.

Despite these woes, many Haitians are still choosing to thank the Lord.

According to ChristianToday.com, hundreds of Christians went to churches–many of which were damaged by the winds and rains–to sing praises to God.

“If God wasn’t protecting us we’d all be gone today, blown into the ocean or up into the mountains,” said Elise Pierre, an elderly Christian woman who got a cut on her forehead when a metal roof sheet blew off and hit her during the hurricane.

Although Haiti was hardest hit, other places are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew as well. Buildings were destroyed in Cuba and the Bahamas, and in North Carolina, where flooding is still a major issue, 19 people reportedly died in hurricane-related incidents.