Hamas Summer Camps for Kids a Chilling Preview of October 7th Massacres

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Since the early 2000’s, CBN News has reported on summer youth camps in Gaza run by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. 

In going over the details of a story we aired in 2021, we see the coverage of those camps laid out a chilling preview of what happened October 7th. And now the Israeli government agrees that Hamas made it official policy to use these camps to indoctrinate young men in jihad and anti-Semitism.

Summer camps usually focus on fun through swimming sports and fellowship. In the Gaza Strip, however, Hamas and Islamic Jihad used them to instill a dangerous message.

Leaders labeled these gatherings the “Summer of Liberation.” 

One of the young boys participating in the camp declared, “We did not come here to enjoy ourselves, or to play, or anything like that. We came with our souls, our blood, our martyrs, and our wounded to sacrifice ourselves for Palestine and for our people.”

A promotional video obtained by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), urged students at grade levels from primary through college to participate. Activities included target practice involving AK-47’s, anti-tank weapons and video simulations.

“So that in the next phase, Allah willing, these boys will be able to confront the plundering enemy and disfigure its face in the next war,” stated one of the camp leaders in the video.

In May of 2021, Hamas and other Islamic groups used the name, “The Sword of Jerusalem” when describing that year’s 11-day war with Israel. Their goal: to prepare the coming generation for the next war.     

A camp leader exhorted, “We say to the enemy: These children picked up these weapons, and we trained them how to use them, as well as how to take security measures, so that they follow in the footsteps of their fathers and take up arms, Allah willing.”

The young men and boys learned anti-Semitism at an early age. 

One youth exclaimed about Jews, “We asked Hitler why he left some of you alive. He did so in order to show us how wicked you are. We will come to you from under the ground and hammer fear into your hearts, and above the ground we will tear your bodies apart with our rockets. Scram into the shelters, you mice, you sons of a Jewish women!”


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When viewing the footage of the summer camp side by side with the attacks from October 7th, it’s sobering evidence of how that training became reality with the devastating results of 1,200 Israelis murdered and 240 kidnapped. 

In a recent interview with NBC News, Israeli President Isaac Herzog revealed this terror training to the world. 

“Let me show you a document, a highly confidential, strictly confidential document, which we just unravelled from the Hamas headquarters” he said. “It’s a brochure, which is a directive by the commanders of Hamas as to how to manage summer camps for children in order to disseminate the values of jihad. It says it clearly to disseminate the values of jihad, and the values of the resistance meaning terror, and how to make it a militarized society.”

Herzog campared these camps of hatred to what’s instilled in other parts of the world: “Whilst we all know what summer camps are and what they’re aimed for, and what a wonderful experience it is to enable youngsters, kids, and adolescents to become citizens of the free world and with liberty, with happiness with joy, with sports. Here, their entire aim is to make them terrorists.”

Given the results, it appears clear Hamas’ goal of training the next generation for jihad tragically succeeded last October.   

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