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The Bible Is Clear About How God Communicates to Humanity

The whole idea of interpreting one’s dreams seems very foreign to many Christians. Many Christians often equate dream interpretation with sorcery. Of course, the Bible is clear regarding sorcery. Next time you come across a horoscope or a Tarot card reader, it is very clear as to what the Bible’s judgment of those kinds of behaviors is. With that said, there is a clear distinction between dream interpretation and practices associated with sorcery. This all boils down to what the Bible says about divine communications.attention

If you look at how God spoke to prophets and mortals throughout history as revealed in the Bible, the patterns are clear. God has four distinct ways of speaking to humanity. First, He uses direct communications. Second, He uses visions. Third, He employs dreams. And finally, He speaks to humanity through signs. Being clear about divine communications can go a long way in your own percepti
on of your dreams.

Your dreams are actually telling you something. They don’t just occur for no good reason. In fact, you only need to seek God’s will regarding your dreams for you to get the clear directions that you need to make the right decisions time and time again. To understand the power of dreams, it’s important to do a quick recap of other divine communication channels.

Direct Communications

In Numbers 12:6-8, God clearly indicates that He talks to Moses directly. This kind of communication is actually quite rare in the Bible because, as mentioned in this particular chapter of Numbers, God says that He talks to people primarily through dreams, visions, and signs. However, Moses is different because Moses gets the privilege of direct communication with God. While Moses has to cover his face or hide to shield himself from the divine presence, the communication is nonetheless direct. It’s a direct revelation.


The interesting thing about visions is that they function like dreams, except that when you receive divine communications in a vision, you’re awake. When God speaks to you in a dream, you are, by definition, sleeping. That is the big difference between a vision and a dream.

Make no mistake about it. Visions can also be fantastic. When you look at the book of Revelation and God’s communications with John the apostle, it’s very easy to see the fantastic imagery. We’re talking about the giant red dragon, the many beasts that came out of the water, as well as imagery of the Antichrist. Visions can be quite fantastic because all sorts of imagery come to mind, and this all takes place while the person receiving the vision is completely awake.


Among all the communication methods used by God in the Bible, dreams are one of the most frequent. While visions are very frequent, especially when God communicates with prophets, dreams are also numerous but they cut across the board. They cut across a wide range of people.

Dreams, of course, are only experienced when you are asleep. Certain images come to mind, or direct communications from God come to your mind while you’re asleep.While God seems to prefer to communicate with prophets primarily through visions, He communicates with ordinary mortals generally through dreams and signs. In one-to-one communications with non-prophets, dreams tend to predominate.


If God wishes to speak to a wide range of people at the same time, He normally employs signs. A sign is some sort of natural happening that can be experienced by people within a particular point in time. It is a shared experience. Signs tend to stand out from common everyday experiences because of their very improbable circumstances. In the book of Daniel, God gave a sign of the handwriting on the wall. This totally freaked people out because it’s not exactly a very commonplace experience.

Another set of signs that God performed to communicate to a wide audience was the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Normally, when you eat five loaves and two fishes, you run out after you consume the pieces of food. Well, when Jesus broke the five loaves and the two pieces of fish, people kept eating and eating until the leftovers filled up many different baskets. This is a powerful sign of God’s infinite ability to provide for his children.

Now that I’ve laid out the different ways God communicates with His children throughout all of history, I’m going to walk you through key biblical instances when God communicated through dreams… Download our free book to continue…

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