Hospital Fires Christian P.A. in Transgender Agenda Case: ‘We’re Made in the Image of God’

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A Christian healthcare worker in Michigan is suing her employer, saying she lost her job for refusing to use preferred pronouns and refer for gender reassignment procedures. 

This labor dispute began after Valerie Kloosterman, a 17-year physician assistant, refused to agree with two questions on a Michigan University Health-West survey. 
“They asked me very specifically, will you use preferred pronouns, and will you refer for gender surgery? I said, ‘I can’t do that,'” explained Kloosterman. 

She requested a religious accommodation to the company’s transgender agenda. Her request states that she would be violating her beliefs and medical expertise, that gender is not fluid – regardless of what a patient thinks. 

“We’re made in the image of God,” said Kloosterman. “It is not something we can just choose to be – so I had concerns, right?” 

During an interview with CBN News, she contended one equity supervisor called her ‘evil’ and blamed her for unrelated suicides of people suffering from gender confusion. Lastly, she asserted she was prohibited from bringing her Bible or faith to work. Kloosterman’s firing came about a month later. 

In an e-mail to CBN News, the University of Michigan Health-West stated the organization does not discuss personnel issues, then added it’s committed to providing appropriate medical treatment to all patients and respects the religious beliefs of its employees. 

“Being fired is one of the very top stressors that people can experience in life,” said Kloosterman’s attorney, Kayla Toney with First Liberty Institute. 

Toney says the case cleared a key legal hurdle after a federal judge acknowledged its merit. 

“And for someone like Valerie (Kloosterman), whose faith is so central to her life, to be fired for her faith is just the most traumatic event that you could imagine,” said Toney. 

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As part of the lawsuit, Valerie wants her job back and damages for financial loss. It could, however, take a year before the case is processed. 

“And again, no patient had ever asked her to use preferred pronouns, no patient ever asked her for gender referral drugs or surgeries. This was all hypothetical,” Kloosterman’s attorney explained.

Faith Liberty Institute believes a victory would seal this case as a legal precedent for others who might be afraid to stand up for their faith-filled convictions in the workplace. 

“I think God’s being glorified. I think the truth is being spoken in love. And you move forward, and you trust God. And, you know, that’s what we’re called to do,” said Kloosterman. 

It’s just one reason why religious liberty advocates are pushing for medical conscience rights. Her case and others have prompted calls for medical conscience protections at the state level. The Religious Freedom Institute says five states have passed them and more will consider the issue next year. 

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