How a Daily Prophetic Word from God Can Change Your Life

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How a Daily Prophetic Word from God Can Change Your Life

I want to start off by telling you that, just because you stopped believing in God, He hasn’t stopped working. He is preparing you to reach what He has promised. We are always in search of something that can bring positivity in our lives. This can be a good career, the latest car, or the best house. What we do not realize is that the word of God has the power to bring a real sense of direction in our lives and carry as through the trials and tribulations. As you might be aware of, we send you daily prophetic word from God. If you believe in what the Word and pray each and every day, your life has the potential of changing for the better.
How Can a Daily Prophetic Word Change Your Life?
Prophetic words are simply words that show the things on God’s heart- His intent, thoughts and purposes. These words are quite powerful as they show God’s will on us. During prophetic worship, those of us who are leading are engaged with the Holy Spirit. Through this engagement, we are able to know what God’s will is. Prophetic words can hence lead to incredible and wonderful blessings. Have a look at the benefits that you can accrue from reading a daily prophetic word from God.
It Will Lead You to Praise
Revelation 1:3 says, “Blessed is he reads, and those that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep the written things therein: for the time is almost here.” In this world full of violence and all forms of random acts, you need to be vigilant and learn that God has a plan to save the universe. His plan is worthy of our praises. Additionally, you need to be part of the plan. The best way to be a part of the plan is by praying and praising His holy name each and every day.
Remember that we don’t praise God because He is insecure, we do it because we are insecure. Therefore, praising God can be of great benefit to you. It can eliminate your worries and make you stronger to handle your daily activities. Additionally, praising has been proven to cause good moods and enlighten the atmosphere. When you feel down, praise God. You will be surprised at how the atmosphere changes. Take an example of Paul and Silas: When they were in prison, the praised God and an earthquake freed them (Acts 16:25). Such kind of deliverance can happen to you. Besides, praise empowers you to do greater deeds. Matthew 16:16 states that after Apostle Peter named Jesus as the Son of God, he moved in astonishing power. His exploits began after this. Praise can empower you to do similar deeds as those of Peter.
It Will Help You Make Sense Out of Tribulations
Prophetic messages will help you sense out of the sufferings of this world. The Bible states that the sufferings of this world are incomparable to the glory which God shall reveal to us (Romans 8:18). Through prophetic words, we realize that God is not finished with us yet. The tragedies of this world will be turned into happiness and triumphs of heaven. Since the earthly life might be hard to handle, the prophetic word of God gives you the wisdom and energy you need to keep on fighting.
God’s Power of Healing, Impartation, and Freedom Will Impact You

As you read through prophetic messages from God, your heart becomes more lifted in love and worship to God. You become more open to Him than ever before. As you read through His word, God will be releasing something into your life. An impartation will be taking place. At this time, God will be releasing an attribute of his nature such as courage, strength, faith, or hope. Psalms 107:20 says, “God sent His word and healed them”. When reading through his prophecy, a word of healing can come from His throne.
The anointing power of the Holy Spirit is also likely to befall you. This will happen as you will be spending more time in his presence more than ever before. When anointing power begins to increase and flow, there are a lot of advantages that it can bring to you. It can bring you healing and restore your health completely. Besides, it will change your life. It will illuminate the darkness around you and help you see what is to come in the future. Additionally, just like the story of the Widow of Zarephath and Elijah, God can provide for you in your dire time of need. Seek God with your whole heart and He will offer you with all that you desire.
Prophetic Words Will Lead You to Rejoice in God’s Justice
When you read prophetic words, you will be able to appreciate and rejoice in God’s justice. The Bible states, “Judge nothing before it’s time, until the Lord comes, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts” (1 Corinthians 4:5). If you believe in the prophecy then you must have realized that things don’t end on earth with man’s judgment. God is the one with the final word that He will give to his people during Judgment Day. Prophetic word hence helps us understand the mystery of history and make sense of suffering. This helps us to rejoice in God’s justice as prophetic events continue to unfold in the future.
Knowing that there is a bigger judgment awaiting in future helps you to lead a good life, as expected by God. You have to follow the Ten Commandments and also adopt values and virtues taught in the Scripture. When you do this, you are assured of escaping judgment and attaining the kingdom of heaven. Prophetic words concerning attaining God’s glory can thus help you to live a stauncher and holier life than ever before.
Prophetic Words Will Make You Pray Harder
Prophetic words make you pray harder as you will be praying for the prophecies to come to pass in the future. Remember that Jesus taught us to pray and we should thus follow his advice. When God prophecies that something will happen in future, we can be able to see these events unfold after praying. It cannot be explained how God’s sovereignty works with our prayers, all we know is that it does from the pages of the Bible.
The Prophetic Word Will Lead You to Purity
The big prophecy is the Jesus will come back to earth to take his people. 1 John 3:2-3 states, “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” This verses show the prophecy. If you believe that Jesus Christ will come back, you will live a pure and clean life. You will follow all His commands and do good deeds to other people.
The Prophetic Words Will Lead You to Proclamation
Revelation 19:10 states that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. All prophecies are a witness to the truth that Jesus will come back one day. Therefore, people need to be ready for his coming back. If you already know about this prophecy, there are people out there that have no idea about this. You hence need to go out there and proclaim the word of God to them. Help them to get closer to God and warn them of the wrath that is coming. Jesus came as an evangelist and called you to do the same.
A daily prophetic word from God each and every morning will provide you with the boost you need to kick start your day. You get the encouragement that God is with you. You also get a fresh mindset vital for handling your day. With this boost, you will be able to persevere through the tribulations and trials that you will face during the day. You get the hope you need, all for free.
The Perfect Way to Respond to a Prophetic Word
We have seen the benefits you can accrue form prophetic words. Now, how should you handle prophetic words for you to enjoy their benefits? Read on to see how you can do this. When we send prophetic words to you, make sure to save the emails for future reference. Don’t read and delete them. This is because they will be essential in the future. You can always review them alone or with a pastor so as to track spiritual growth. Remember not to judge the prophet but the prophecy itself if there are some aspects that might not be clear to you (1 Thessalonians 5:19-21). Therefore, if you do not understand a prophetic message, never reject it immediately as false. Take time to go through it and consider putting it on prayerful consideration at a later date.
When you receive prophetic words, you need to be very careful about the action that you take. When a prophetic word refers that you make several transitions in your life such as changing churches, or geographical locations, you should not make hasty decisions until you pray and reflect about it. Let God give you the consent to do what you want. Through prayer, and counsel, God’s purposes can be established in your life. The Bible tells us that people of God miss God’s goodness by not receiving His Word of faith. The accomplishment of prophetic directives is mostly up to God. However, we must also play our role in the process. We need to give God the independence to make whatever adjustments he desires in His Plans.
What to Consider Before Receiving a Prophecy
Before you receive a prophecy, you first need to be prepared to receive it. If you are not prepared, you will feel as if it is been forced to you. Besides, you need to be comfortable with the person that is giving you the prophecy. Just like prophets don’t give a prophetic word to everyone who asks, it is not a must that you receive a word from someone just because they said they heard from God about you. When you are ready to receive a prophetic message, you gain confidence in the person providing it. At this position, you get into a position where you believe that God will energize the prophecy, and you will be ready to act and believe and act on what is said. Faith is vital in all spiritual endeavors. Your faith will contribute to energizing those that prophesy to you. When you don’t have enough faith, the prophetic word will not work. If you are not comfortable with receiving a prophecy, you should not receive a prophecy until you are ready in faith.
At The Second Adam, we are passionate to see you achieve your full God-given potential. We love inspiring the current and the next generations to discover themselves and what they are meant to do. If you didn’t know it, there is a unique voice locked within you and our work is to help release it. We send daily prophetic words from God to help you build on your faith and take on your God-given gifts and talents to the next level. We love to see people living out their God-given purpose. We identify this as the key to the transformation of the universe.
Come to closer to God. Experience the presence of the Holy Spirit each and every day as you read the prophetic words. On top of this, we will also teach you how to interact with Him each and every day. Our dream is to see you learn to enter the God’s presence and hear His voice clearly. Go deeper in your belief and you will be able to change your destiny and life.

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