How Bruce Lee Made Me a Better Christian!

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  1. Bruce Lee has flashed the satanic “Mano Cornuta/ El diablo/ devil horns” hand gestures many times. His teachings about empty spirits are demonic. Remember what Jesus Christ has taught us! Demons love clean houses! The yoke of Jesus Christ was easy. We need to paga yoke or yoga teachings. Scientists confirm that an empty spirit leads to demonic possession. He was able to play ping pong with his trademark weapon and he even lit a cigarette with it. This is what you want to idolize, guys! Please read the bible! We have to pray for our enemies! The friend of this world is the enemy of God! May God bless all of you in the holy name of Jesus Christ! No wizard should be found among us! Concentrate on heavenly things! We don`t need to learn how to fight! Have faith!

  2. Still there is a chance that Bruce Lee might have been converted to Christianity before he passed. Since his wife is a born again Christian, I can imagine her trying to tell Bruce about salvation.

  3. I think it’s funny how all of these people are attacking Bruce for ‘not being a Christian’. Who really even cares? I’m aware he wasn’t and I still consider him one of my biggest hero’s and inspiration. You all need to get over yourselves. I can’t stand Christian extremists.

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