How Does God SEND You Money? Prophetic Prayer for YOU!

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How Does God SEND You Money? Prophetic Prayer for YOU!

Written by Wayne

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  1. Hi true pastor Wayne for our Lord. I am still in debts , lawsuits,unemployed had seizure oct 2014 was unconscious six days at local clear lake regional hosital, had high blood pressure for years had good jobs most of my life IT related but not working full time again for years several years before I had the seizure in Oct 2014. In need of a financial prize breakthrough and to pay all my debts and lawsuits I do forgive my debtors, have ringy ears, watery eyes , runny nose some body pain , only able to live with my 85 year old mother marceille Miller again in Friendswood TX at the home my dad Basil Lee bought in 1969 before he passed on to heaven in 2009 I dont recall the exact year now though.

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