How One Man Cured His Son’s Cancer With Prayer

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While no reasonable Christian denies God’s power to use any means He wishes, including modern medicine, there are some situations in which the only cure is supernatural. For one man, it wasn’t just medical intervention that cured his son’s cancer— it was prayer.

Retelling his son’s harrowing experience with cancer, Jack Manilla tells Charisma News how a severe rash led to his son, Paul, being diagnosed with Stage Three bone marrow cancer and multiple myeloma. Paul was told there was no cure and given the grim prognosis of six months or less to live.


Jack tells readers that he and his wife, Paula, rushed to New York to be with their son and began seeking answers. They “prayed and consulted the internet, seeking the best medical experts all over the country,” Jack said. “Paul had been referred to a world-renowned cancer research doctor heading a specialized study on Paul’s form of the disease. He put Paul on experimental chemotherapy and steroid treatments.” Following treatment, his doctor showed that Paul’s cancer had stopped advancing, however he strongly recommended a stem cell transplant to prevent or delay the cancer’s return for several years.

“After much prayer and discussion,” Jack explained, “we decided to go through with the transplant. Paul was placed in a pressurized room with a double air door entry. He would become a bubble boy.”

The transplant process, however, involved the use of chemo to kill all the cancer cells in Paul’s extracted bone marrow, which “completely wiped out his immune system.” When Paul’s immune system failed to recover, Jack says he watched his son’s “agony increase as blisters began covering his lips, the inside of his mouth and entire digestive system.” Jack was helpless as Paul told him,”Dad, my insides are on fire, and all my bones feel like they want to burst.”

On the fourth day, Paul’s immune system had still not reestablished and his doctor said his body was shutting down. “A few hours later, Paul looked over at me and whispered, ‘I don’t have the strength to fight anymore,’” Jack said.

Time was running out for Paul, and his doctor admitted that they had done “all that science could do” for him. His immune system needed the “spark of life,” something the doctor was unable to give.

It was then that Jack and his wife went to the hospital chapel to pray. “In my mind,” Jack said, “I heard a whisper telling me to call everyone we know and ask them to pray for Paul. So I started going through the contacts in my phone.”

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle as a monitor connected to Paul began to chime. “A nurse came in, checked the instrument and drew a blood sample from Paul. She kept returning every five minutes, checking the monitor,” Jack said. When he asked the nurse what was happening, she told Jack, “We’ve found a white blood cell count and it’s rising rapidly. It’s a miracle; Paul got the spark of life. Your prayers did it.” Several hospital workers soon flooded the room and confirmed the nurse’s findings. Paul was prepped and given his marrow transplant shortly afterward. Jack was “told he would be recovering in the hospital for the next six weeks but, one week later, Paul was released from the hospital,” and was healthy enough to return to work only a few months later.

Paul’s case is a powerful testimony to the power of God to work miracles, with both earthly and supernatural methods, all for His glory.