How To Become A Christian Marriage Counselor – Life Coach

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How To Become A Christian Marriage Counselor – Life Coach
Have you ever thought about being a life coach?

Are you a pastor, a counselor, or active in ministry?

Do you ever find that people just seem to come to you… looking for advice and answers?

Then you absolutely need this powerful, concise, and very affordable course by Prophetic Life Coach Wayne Sutton and Dr. Jeremy Lopez!

Can you imagine years upon years of coaching experience all poured into 6 powerful downloadable teachings… each of these teachings are life changing if you ever coach others – or if you simply use for your own life!

Look closely at the powerful lessons you will be learning…

Teaching #1) How you can use “Criteria” based questions to discover a person’s hidden motivators and internal processes for permanent change and fulfillment!

Teaching #2) How certain questions bring up states of internal awareness and can even cause the client to change within before you speak a word!

Teaching #3) Learn how 99% of the people go through life in an unconscious trance “stuck” and how you can wake them up to their destiny!

Teaching #4) Learn the truth about Spiritual Attraction for your life and those you are coaching!

Teaching #5) Discover how you can OPEN UP your client and have them reveal – so they can heal…

Teaching #6) In this teaching you will learn how to uncover the true WANTS and DESIRES – within yourself and your client.

As you make the decision to order I personally invite you to find yourself expecting to take notes and become excited! In fact I would take each mp3 teaching, grab pen and paper, and take time to absorb all of the revelations within… Are you ready to be a life-changer?

Pick up a copy for all the obvious reasons…

Written by Wayne

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