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How To Heal With Prophetic Words of Knowledge – Wayne Sutton

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How to Heal Others Through Words of Knowledge – Prophetic Ministry with Wayne Sutton from Wayne Sutton
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  1. I have pain and swelling in my knees, please pray for my healing. Doctors say I should get knee replacements, but I have not had the ok from God yet. I am uncertain if I should go for the human route or wait for the replacement from the heavenly realm. The pain and limited movement have prevented me from enjoying the active life I long for and I have gained weight due to inactivity. The things I used to enjoy doing are becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, but I believe in the God of the impossible.

  2. Great word Pastor Wayne! My night dreams and day visions are beginning to increase! Praise God! I was walking in the park and a lady walked by limping with a knee brace. I just blessed her with a word walking by and prayed healing for her knee. Two days later she’s walking without a limp and no knee brace! I love hearing about the God encounters in the store or any where we go and having testimonies to show God off!

  3. I pray for many to be healed and most are but I am still in a wheelchair. I want to be free from this spirit of paralysis for over 30 years that I have been contending with God for. I do operate in the prophetic and want increase in this area.

  4. Pastor Wayne, I desire to be used prophetically by God. I pray for this all the time but I don’t receive it. Is there something I am doing that is blocking it? Please pray for me.

How To Heal Others Through Words of Knowledge – Prophetic Healing with Wayne Sutton

How To Heal With Prophetic Words of Knowledge – Wayne Sutton