“How to Make the Difference We’re Capable of” by Lance Wallnau

“How to Make the Difference We’re Capable of” by Lance Wallnau

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In this video message, Lance Wallnau asks the question, “What is one of the greatest challenges we have in the Body of Christ? Making as big a difference as we are capable of making.”

The Church is supposed to be built where the gates of hell are located, and it seems the world is doing a better job of seizing opportunities than the Church. The Church does have something the world doesn’t have, but we need to demonstrate the Gospel in the presence of the people that need to see it. The whole world belongs to Jesus, but the only way that we can win the world is to make our enemies our friends. Jesus said “Occupy until I come!” If we do not go into all the world, then the world will come after us. If we don’t go into the system, the system will come to us.

But when they do, if we walk in the disposition of Jesus and we stand in our territory doing what we’re called to do, Jesus will break the prejudice of the thinking that is on them and they’ll see Him in a way they’ve never seen Him before, because they’re going to redefine Him when they meet us. We’re the advertisement!