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If We Are Already Forgiven, Can We Just Keep Sinning? This Answer Will AMAZE You

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by Will Maule

It is one of the most common questions for those who are intrigued by the Christian faith, but are not ready to give up their old way of living: If we are already forgiven, can’t we just do whatever we want? Well, Todd Friel at Wretched was recently asked this by a student, and his answer was quite profound.

“God will forgive any sinner, because Jesus is divine, and his sacrifice can forgive any sin,” says Friel, in an outreach event at a college. However, if you are saying you can go on sinning all that you want to because you are covered by the grace of God, you would be thinking about it like this:


“It would be like a young man going camping with his Father. They set up camp by the water. His Father says “Son, whatever you do, don’t take that boat into the water, it is alligator infested.” The son agrees, and the Dad falls asleep.

“The starts looking at the paddle boat and decides to go out into the lake. Alligators start swirling around. He gets rocked, he tips over and falls into the water. The next thing he knows is he passes out. He wakes up with his head on the sand looking up at the sky. He looks over and his Dad has been clearly mauled by alligators.”

“The Son immediately realizes “Wow, I blew it! My Dad jumped in to rescue me. He saved me from that!”


“Now, imagine if that young man had then said, “Thanks Dad” and went out in the boat and did it again,” says Friel.

“You would say he doesn’t esteem the sacrifice of his Father.”

“When you understand that Jesus actually died for you in a very nasty, humiliating way, you don’t want to sin anymore!”

Watch the brilliant video below.

Written by Wayne

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