IHOP Founder Mike Bickle Confesses to ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ 20 Years Ago

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Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, issued a statement Monday admitting to “inappropriate behavior” 20 years ago.

“I sadly admit that 20+ years ago, I sinned by engaging in inappropriate behavior—my sins were real,” Bickle wrote in a statement.

At the same time, however, he contended, “I am not admitting to the more intense sexual activities that some are suggesting.”

“I hate my sin, and I see it as serious and grievous before a holy God. I take all sin seriously, so on those occasions,” Bicycle said. “I quickly and sincerely repented in a way that resulted in receiving assurance from God followed by a daily resolve to live holy in all of my ways. God graciously helped me to respond in those times with a broken and contrite heart that was filled with godly sorrow.”

He added that he continues to be “sorrowful about those past failures” to the present day.

Bicke’s confession comes weeks after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct.

A week and a half ago, one alleged victim told The Roys Report that Bickle began abusing her when she was 19 and he was in his 40s. At the time, the woman worked for Bickle and was under his spiritual direction when the abuse took place and reportedly ensued for several years.  

She added that despite the inappropriate behavior, there was no intercourse.

Boz Tchividjian, an attorney representing the woman, was not satisfied with Bickle’s remarks. 

“What in the world does he mean by ‘inappropriate behavior’?” Tchividjian told TRR in a statement. “That is undoubtedly a very deliberate word choice, as it could mean anything. Furthermore, what does he mean when he denies ‘more intense sexual activities’? Does that mean the referenced ‘inappropriate conduct’ involves less intense sexual activities? What is he saying?? 

“Though this statement is a page long, I don’t believe it actually says much. Why not simply step forward into the light, embrace transparency, and trust God with the consequences? This is all so pitiful and sad.”

He also told the outlet that the woman would not participate in a new investigation opened by IHOPKC because the firm the church hired, the Lathrop Group in Kansas City, Missouri, about successfully defending church groups against sexual abuse allegations.

“Why would reported victims of sexual abuse and misconduct sit down with an attorney from a law firm who represents churches and then brag about their successes?” Tchividjian wrote in a statement to TRR.

“I have no doubt this firm well-represents organizational defendants in sexual abuse litigation. However, it cannot be all things to all people. It cannot represent and defend institutional clients in such cases and then turn around, and invite reported sexual abuse victims to meet with you and trust you. It simply doesn’t work that way.”

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